1. I have a gentle and patient nature, so I give the impression of a very accommodating person.
2. I seem shy.
3. I like to educate and pacify.
4. I rarely express my offense right away, more often I carry it in silence for a long time.
5. In a dispute, I usually agree with my opponent on the issues discussed.
6. I like to reconcile other people (about my age).
7. Often (or at least sometimes) I have difficulty swallowing or chewing solid food - it feels like the chewing muscles have become weak, do not want to work.
8. When I feel someone's growing aggressive attitude, usually in response, purely reflexively, I "slow down my own momentum", I try to gradually pacify the situation.
9. I am sentimentally careful and caring towards the memory and traditions of my "small homeland".
10. Too often I go from less pleasant things to more pleasant dreams.
11. My life is dedicated to the common collective good.
12. My main desire is to enjoy the surrounding world, full of stability and peace.
13. My frequent reaction to someone's aggression is not to engage in confrontation, but, on the contrary, to try to cheer up, smile, agree, cheer up.
14. Even having my own opinion, I can often give in to an opponent, just so as not to upset him.
15. I sometimes try to understand my friends better, especially for this purpose trying to imagine how everything looks from their point of view.
16. I often have obsessive, repetitive thoughts, including in the evening - because of which I can't fall asleep for a long time (sleep does not go).
17. I am very patient with the weaknesses and shortcomings of other people.
18. There is a feeling of strange heaviness in the legs, so that it is difficult to move them - to move them, you have to gather your thoughts and strength for a few seconds.
19. Sometimes I feel like I'm guilty for my happiness or luck.
20. While eating, it is difficult for me to stop in time, because sometimes I "stuff my stomach" beyond what I need.
21. When I find myself upset or offended by someone, I usually try to mentally "put myself in the skin" of this person for a while.
22. Sometimes I amuse myself by trying to look at myself at the moment as if through the eyes of the person with whom I am currently communicating.
23. Quite often I convince people of the usefulness of humility and various kinds of concessions.
24. All people are good, but you just don't need to pay attention to their minor sins in order not to spoil your mood - for example, I manage to do it.
25. I am sometimes haunted by loud-sounding obsessive thoughts accusing me of sinful behavior.
26. Before criticizing someone, I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in his place.
27. Almost every day it happens that I mentally imagine myself in someone else's place, and mentally act out situations.
28. I often do not pay attention to random minor violations of my personal rights, I do not react.
29. It's easier for me if someone I respect makes decisions for me.
30. I will be able to accept humiliation with Christian humility.
31. Often, it is as if something is constantly "spinning" in my head - either fragments of words, or thoughts, or something else, and this spinning does not allow me to concentrate, and in general it is annoying, uncomfortable and unpleasant.
32. In this life, I work for others, and that suits me.
33. As a child, I didn't walk well, I got tired quickly.
34. Sometimes the world around me begins to seem saturated and threatening, as if every thing in the room is baring its teeth at me.
35. Every objection automatically prompts me, as a rule, to think about the problem anew and with concentration.
36. My desires are usually vague, they lack strength.
37. I often look at the same picture for a long time or turn it in my hands, look at the same object, experiencing some kind of trance and difficult to explain pleasure from it.
38. Sometimes it happens that the heart "presses" and as if there is not enough air.
39. I am tolerant of other people's delusions.
40. Sometimes, purely automatically, I repeat the same obsessive movement many times: for example, I clench and unclench my fists many times, or bend and unbend my arms at the elbows - as if I want to check whether they obey my will.
41. I like to dig with my mind into piles of seemingly meaningless facts.
42. I sometimes have a fear of swallowing solid food - I'm afraid that I won't be able to swallow and choke.
43. Sometimes loud voices and vivid images that arise from memory frighten me.
44. In my thoughts, I constantly "play different roles", in detail I live a lot of other people's lives.
45. I feel well where events will go in the near future, I like to reflect on these topics in silence, peace and relaxation.
46. Often in my thoughts I play out fantasy versions based on the material of the historical past of the past centuries.
47. I think I am an easily suggestible person.
48. Quite often it happens that I mechanically and involuntarily bite my tongue or the inside of my cheeks (5 - happens daily, 3 - very rarely, 1 - there is no such habit at all)
49. By the end of the line in my written handwriting, words usually begin to "bend" down, so that the line at the end goes down, bends to the bottom of the sheet (check).
50. Sometimes I am haunted by obsessive images of my imagination.
51. I noticed that it is much easier for me to remember those events and moments that are associated with my movement in space (for example, while walking, or in a car when it moves, etc.)
52. I often imagine myself in someone else's place.
53. Often I consider another person as an extension of myself.
54. Without looking at the clock, I easily and accurately determine how much time has passed (I'm not more than 5 minutes wrong in an hour).
55. I often spend my sleep time at night thinking about interesting ideas.
56. I am easily frightened by sudden sounds.
57. I sometimes have a headache that goes away for a while if I eat something sweet.
58. Sometimes I have such an unpleasant and obsessive illusory feeling, as if someone forcibly takes away thoughts from my head, and a void forms in their place.
59. Sometimes there is such an unpleasant feeling, as if in a strange way I have lost all connection with the understanding and feeling of tomorrow - and I can't think about it, and I don't feel any strings connecting me with tomorrow (neither positive nor negative). Even the ability to foresee the next few minutes disappears at such moments - normally, when thinking about them, you always feel, as if in advance on a subconscious level, what will happen there, and at such moments this "flair" disappears in a strange way. That is, the feeling of any future disappears in a strange way.
60. I have some habitual compulsive movements, automatic and rhythmically repeated, which are easier to succumb to than to resist.
61. Periodically it happens that for many days in a row I suffer from a lack of appetite - I eat extremely little and none of the previous dishes causes any desire.
62. I had (or now have) any rheumatic diseases (5 - if yes; strictly 1 - if no or you don't know anything about it)
63. It's easy for me to feel someone else's point of view, try it on myself, and for a while, for the sake of trying, even accept it as my own.
64. I often save interesting information from news sites on my computer (almost every time I visit news feeds).


1. I am often not restrained, I show anger or aggression.
2. I am a pressure-resistant person.
3. From time to time it happens that I lose my temper and start to get angry.
4. Instead of making excuses or apologizing, I usually start blaming myself.
5. It is very dangerous to disappoint me – I am capable of a very sharp response, and I will not take into account a person who has lost value for me, and I can treat him very harshly.
6. I am a person more inclined to object than obedient.
7. I have aggressive and impulsive traits.
8. I will not miss an opportunity to reproach someone for incompetence.
9. I can be hot-tempered, like a match, if you touch me - then I do not always adjust the proportionality of my answers, and in response to a minor "joke" I can immediately launch "heavy artillery".
10. Sometimes I get angry and angry.
11. If something is comfortable for me personally, then I don't care what others think.
12. I like to talk fast.
13. I often express my dissatisfaction aloud to my loved ones, for one reason or another.
14. As a rule, I react aggressively if they express doubt about the authority of what I have said.
15. You can't trust anyone, you have to rely only on yourself.
16. I know how to humiliate another person with words who annoyed me with something.
17. In communicating with other people, I often lack endurance, patience and the desire to compromise and forgive.
18. It is important for me to respect myself, and someone else's respect is much less significant for me.
19. There is no need to "educate" people, but it is necessary to rebuff them and take tough revenge for insults.
20. If compared with people of my age, gender and circle, then I am more "rude" than softer and "gentle" in comparison with their average level.
21. For being late, sometimes I want and am almost ready to tear up a late person, like an ace to a hot water bottle.
22. I often criticize or make caustic remarks.
23. My mission is not to bring stability and peace, but a cleansing thunderstorm.
24. If a person has done me wrong, it means that he is a bad person.
25. I know how to defend my interests sharply when they try to deprive me of something.
26. I really don't like it when they impose all sorts of unpleasant and bad forecasts of the development of events on me - I can "explode" in response.
27. I often behave aggressively and intemperately.
28. In the name of the good of the cause, I do not hesitate to be rude.
29. Sometimes bad words or harsh words fly out of your mouth by themselves.
30. I have violent indignation more often than feelings of resentment or embarrassing awkwardness.
31. I like to criticize.
32. I doubt my rightness less often than others.
33. If necessary, I am able to demand very strictly, and in such a way that not only subordinates, but also those who are higher in status will count with me.
34. In a heated discussion, I invariably continue to stand my ground and never compromise.
35. My fighting spirit and aggression greatly increase in situations of problems and troubles.
36. I am well aware of my rights and powers in a relationship and know how to protect them.
37. If I have a new love, then I will almost certainly not have a friendly relationship with my former partner/ partner.
38. I will easily go against public opinion if I want to.
39. I take great care of "my own" (more than is usual for many other people), and "strangers" are not interesting to me.
40. When someone or something opposes me, I automatically focus on this opposing object with a steady unblinking gaze of my eyes.
41. I almost don't make mistakes, so I don't have to double-check myself.
42. I go into conflict if I am not treated with respect and reverence.
43. I never even try to find an excuse for people who allow some kind of even minor dishonesty towards me.
44. If a stranger rings the doorbell, I will immediately and promptly "block his way with my chest" until I find out what he needs.
45. I do not consider it necessary to hide my negative opinion about some people, on the contrary, I like to declare and show it.
46. Other people's attacks and aggression usually leave me unperturbed and cannot lead me astray from my intended path.
47. Always instantly ready to pull some sucker or some piglet.
48. I often speak contemptuously and bitterly about some people.
49. I can, if there is a need, be cruel and unceremonious.
50. I really don't like it when the person I'm dealing with doesn't have time, and he's in a hurry somewhere.
51. I respect only people who can resist, I am not interested and bored with spineless people.
52. Absolutely all the people FOR WHOM I WOULD BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE SOMETHING SERIOUSLY are my personally and intimately familiar people or relatives (there are no public persons who are not personally familiar with me among them at all)
53. I always dominate in relationships, and I always set the distance of communication with another person myself.
54. If I am offended by my peers, I almost always react immediately, without hiding or trying to "disguise" my attitude.
55. It is impossible to convince me to do what I don't want to do.
56. If someone reproaches me, appeals to my conscience or teaches me a sense of tact, I can easily and often get angry in response.
57. Sometimes it is difficult for me to look at things from someone else's point of view.
58. I will definitely make a remark to the person who is trying to get in front of me without waiting in line.
59. I am always stubborn and persistent in my demands.
60. I like to pay attention to someone's mistakes and argue with them.
61. I notice everything instantly, memorizing, and just as easily forget everything that has ceased to be important.
62. I am careful that no one gets in front of me without waiting in line.
63. If I don't like the result myself, then it doesn't matter to me at all and I'm not interested in whether others like it or not.
64. I am only a judge of my own beliefs and my words.