There seems to be a consensus that while Reinin is good, it shouldn't be a conclusive resource for typing. I don't know if there is, but it's my introduction, bear with me. While I don't particularly care for some of the dichotomies at the moment, some others feel more patently like the make or break of a type. Dynamic/Static might be important and descriptions of IEs are not enough.

Situation (LSI and SEIs being really big fans of ice-cream):

LSI: I went out for ice-cream. Since the store changed owners the quality isn't the same. We'd better start shopping somewhere else.

SEI: I went out for ice-cream. Bought vanilla and strawberry. That store has been opened since (...) and then, at some point they (...). But chocolate flavor has always been better at this other store on X avenue, because (...) but now I think they changed the additives because strawberry should be (...) and maybe it's better to try this other store (...).

Fill in those suspension dots with 2-3 minutes of speech. Superficially, we might be tempted to say being a fan of ice-cream as a stand-alone fact falls under Si. But when it comes to typing the difference between what each type expresses should be. No one in Beta could be ruffled by what the LSI says but the SEI is going to exasperate Betas if this is typical of him (and being a dynamic Si type, it is). A divide of communication means a degree of separation in ITR.

Situation (a new government is here)

An ESI: Well, the new government is going to destroy us with new taxes. But the services are all going to go down the drain anyway. And their international relations policies are going to be worse.

An IEI: Now the new government is in office. Yesterday the minister announced new taxes… (*apprehensive voice*) that is going to be hard on the lower-middle class, isn't it? But at the same time we've got the spokesperson hinting at cuts in healthcare. He said (...). It seems like something that is not going to sit well with X. And Y is not going to be happy about it either, right, from we've seen? And what about that Treaty. I remember during the campaign (...) but now they're talking about this (*the apologizing face of someone telling you the bad news*) yeahhhh. They said it, they actually said it. I don't particularly think the outcome is going to be good but something we could do to cover ourselves is (...), even if I don't think it's a particularly good idea. But we should keep an eye on this because it's going to get tough. (*nervous smile*) Or I will, at least.

This is, of course, just an approximation to the types.

Now, both persons are warning but what could Gamma want with that IEI other than the SEE maybe? NiFe is not valued there so they can only stand it for shorter periods of time, whereas the ESI “warning” causes no problems in Gamma. Although they both do “foresight” (typically what's understood to be within Ni realm). Again, as the IEI can be listened to without frustration for a shorter period of time than in Beta so that means less comfort in ITR.

Now all this is a truism but when we've come to analyze Si or Ne or whatever in avatars or see a function in how often a forum member changes it (it does hold some value, but it's not absolute) we should remember the IEs are not a color by number type of situation. An SLE could sleep all day and complain about pain and how tired he is yet he looks at the world through a SeTi prism, the IEI will be bothered by their lazy attitude and not by what a strange person he is because communication is so focused on the "inconsequential". An LSI-C with a workshop is not going to disorient and disturb an EIE spouse unless they pull static Ne with situation upon situation, so no ILE typing for that person no matter how many contraptions they say they have in their backyard. Etc.