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Thread: Base + Creative = Mirage PoLR

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    Post Base + Creative = Mirage PoLR

    This theory involves the assumption that people overestimate their use of the PoLR function.

    This is because what is actually happening is they're creating a substitute for the PoLR via a combination of the Base + Creative functions. So what they're using is not the raw PoLR function, but a mirage of it. This might manifest more if someone is deciding between kindred types.

    For instance, someone who self-types as an IEI might actually be an ILI. They might assume they're engaging Fe, but what is actually happening is that:

    They're finding the fluid sum / obtaining a general formula (Ni) of a person and combining it with the person's interactions between different external objects (Te) to produce a rough estimate of their emotional internality (Fe).

    This would manifest as:

    "Last time this person did X (Te), they did/said Y (Te) after. Based on my understanding of what X/Y means (Ni) in the context of the person, they must have felt Z (Fe)."


    "If I do X (Te) then they will feel Y (Fe) based on what happened (Te) last time (Ni)."

    So they're not absorbing the actual, raw emotional essence (presently), but processing it through their base+creative to get an idea/estimate it. If someone only sees the end result of the process and not the process itself, they might believe that they are actually engaging in it, thus, presuming the wrong sociotype.
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