Based on Gvlenko's descriptions and some personal observations. Notice that ESE-H is less talkative and not that able to charm large groups on top of not being as the enthusiast prototype compared to ESE-C , besides being a bit more restrained with money, but both still have clear ego functions pertinent to their type (wink wink @qaz00). There might be a bit of ESE-N in my description of ESE-H but some minor things can jump subtypes.

They are concerned about financial stability and are mindful of their expenses.
They are more serious and less demonstrative than ESE-C.
They are responsible and can work well on a schedule.
They cook deliciously. They tend to keep homemade snacks in their pantry. They offer to cook for other people to nourish them.
They pay attention to the beauty of objects. If they receive a vase as a present, for example, they might study its design and comment on it. It's the same with other objects, clothes.
They are rather efficient in everyday matters.
They impact their close environment in the following manner: if they purchase a chair and find that it's not very comfortable in less than 24 hours they'll assemble a cushion using stuffing from old ones and the drape they use for it will match the chair.
They tend to alter and sometimes even create their own clothes and be proud of their creations.
They are likely to keep a lush garden, they find comfort in beauty and seem to be the type of people to make beauty happen wherever they set. They also seem the type of people to be more likely to grow their own food if they could (although this also applies to other types I guess).
They are rather lovable people.

They are not optimally adapted to everyday life: they have trouble ranging from chores to making appointments, looking somewhat ‘acceptable’ enough to leave the house, etc.
They get visibly upset if they have to deal with many things at once.
They are a watered down version of EIE and need less contact with people and are less skillful in their communication.
They seem to prefer to spend their time alone in the following cycle: reading or learning about obscure topics until one in particular catches their eyes, obsessing to the point of needing to excavate every bit of information maybe in detriment to other, more urgent things, forming a conclusion or getting bored, letting go. Repeat. They retain that ‘obsession’ traits the more general descriptions of EIEs have.
They tend to want to reach out to the ‘other side of things’ so typically are interpreters. As the most colloquial and hilarious example, let's say they are the Rob Agers of the internet (and his audience).
They seem to get hooked on auditory stimulation more than other types so they need music or noise constantly in the background.
This is more internal and harder to catch, but EIE-H is very susceptible to visions and archetypal images but, because they are constantly around auditory stimulation, it's not atypical for them to enter a trance-like state where they are bombarded with these images.
They are OK people.