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Thread: Discussion of LSIs and not really liking Fe

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    Default Discussion of LSIs and not really liking Fe

    I generally find EIE's attempts to manipulate moods and their inability to be rational and unemotional (especially the intuitive subtype's as well as my own) and adhere to facts irritating, while I feel like I need Ti, Si, Se, and Te supplied more, that I can't produce them myself, but that's all related to be an enneagram 6w5. Most people wouldn't know that I'm a Sensor, most people mistake me for an intuitive... my mom is an LSI-Ti and most people wouldn't be able to tell from her appearance that she's a sensor. Sometimes EIE's Fe is good, but it usually just pisses me off and causes physical irritation. Thing is, I need a lot of good Si to feel energized, but I'm not an ILE... if it's true that Haley Williams is an SEI-Si, then my benefactor can do that without pissing me off at least from a distance; I say from a distance because Democratic types and SLE-Ti (SLE-Ti not as much as types that are officially democratic, but they're the most democrat of all the aristocrats, the reinin dichotomies were for the Sensory subtype) tend to avoid me because of my voice and appearance... although I avoid people or want to associate because of appearance and voice.

    I need people to tell me how they feel about me and although i want to be loved (which is not how ESI are supposed to be), I'd rather people just tell me what everything they think about me just like I do to people, so that I can move on. I'm keenly aware of whether I hate or love someone and I can and do verbalize it easily. I'm just intolerant and judgmental, so I appear like a Fi base type, but I don't think I am because heredity and V.I. I think I'm just a very emotional LSI-Ti and I have emotional reactions to everything.

    So, unless I'm adopted, I'm an LSI-Ti (that was one of the three types I thought I was when I started studying socionics, I then ruled out LSE and brought it down to LSI-Ti and ESI-Fi and right away, somehow, I instinctively understood, without having to reason it through other than going into everything assuming everything is a paradox like I usually do and so I don't look like too much of an idiot, that if I were an LSI, then I would be the Ti subtype and they were less logical than the Sensory subtype... I see paradoxes just about everywhere, really, I've never been much in touch with concrete reality with things at face value), because that's what my mother and her mother were, but Ti really wasn't working for them (similar to how Ne really isn't working well for ILE-Ne, Ti isn't working for LSI-Ti). LSI-Ti are more emotional and less logical than LSI-Se, just like how EIE-Fe are more logical and less emotional than EIE-Ni.

    Going by V.I. I'm an LSI-Ti, going by functions described in the Dual Nature of Man, I'm an Fi base to the max with very weak Te and Si and average Fe and average Ti.

    I like LIE-Te's emotions and jokes better than EIE's really... EIE's are usually pretty irritating, sometimes they're good but I've never dualized well with them, in fact, I tend to find IEE more immersive and able to win my mind and heart than EIE. I really like Gammas subtyped towards Beta the best (and LIE-Te, actually I like the logical subtype better than the intuitive subtype) and LSI-Se, IEI-Ni, SLE-Ti (some of them), and ILE-Ti. I don't like Deltas or other Alphas (other than ILE-Ti and maybe SEI-Si but they stay away from me) much... some IEE are ok from time to time.

    But I've always had issues with people individually, really and people have had issues with me... I have some borderline personality characteristics, related to being a sexual 6 with 4 as my image fix. Having 1 as a body fix, 4 as image fix, with 6 as core and being a Ti Base and being sx/sp is not easy... I wish the fuck my body fix was 8 or 9.

    Needless to say, I'm a fucked up person.

    The first word of thread title was Discussion because I wanted to know other peoples' thoughts on this, is it common in LSI, what are the subtype percentages of LSI that are at least somewhat bothered by Fe, have a love hate relationship with it, etc.?
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    It depends on what Fe is to you. If it's an annoying dumbass screaming at the top of their lungs about inane bullshit, then yeah a lot of LSIs would get frustrated by this.
    The Barnum or Forer effect is the tendency for people to judge that general, universally valid statements about personality are actually specific descriptions of their own personalities. A "universally valid" statement is one that is true of everyone—or, more likely, nearly everyone. It is not known why people tend to make such misjudgments, but the effect has been experimentally reproduced.

    The psychologist Paul Meehl named this fallacy "the P.T. Barnum effect" because Barnum built his circus and dime museum on the principle of having something for everyone. It is also called "the Forer effect" after its discoverer, the psychologist Bertram R. Forer, who modestly dubbed it "the fallacy of personal validation".

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