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Thread: Fe vs Fi valuing?

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    Default Fe vs Fi valuing?

    What is the difference between fe and fi in social interactions? Is adapting yourself to your conversation partner so that the interaction is "smoother" more of a fe thing, fi thing or just an ethical thing in general?

    What is the actual difference between fe "atmosphere" and fi "distance"? I'd appreciate if people of ethical types told me how they experience their Fe and Fi so that I can compare it to myself.

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    A Ti-perspective from outside Socionics:

    Fe and Fi are rationalization processes that use the same algorithms but in two different configurations; it misleading to refer to either of them as ethics. Both make decisions based on the highest “relative” value, return or benefit. Now, the value that a person places on most things are variable so many value-based decisions can change from one day to the next making some people seem rather indecisive or changeable. One might determine that paint is badly needed on a wall but waver over the impact of colour choice which holds more value than the paint itself. Value often defies logic.

    The easiest way to distinguish between the two configurations is that Fe-types usually prefer to make decisions in brainstorming sessions with others while Fi-types tend to make decisions in isolation by personally weighing the data that they've collected. It follows that socially, Fi-types would seem more detached and aloof while Fe-types more engaged and interactive.

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