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I once tracked my results over a couple months and averaged the results to get the following lolol:

Samwise Gamgee 84%
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - 81%
Beth March - 81%
Peeta Mellark 79%
Frodo -78%
Iroh - 81%
Katara - 81%
Nick Caraway -77%
Ginny Weasley - 76%
Deanna Troi - 81%
Maid Marian 84%
Pam Beesley - 82%
Snow White - 81%
Hakoda of the water tribe -83%

Yeah, imagine living 23 years as a guy whose personality most closely matches either gentle male sidekicks or a bunch of female love interests... It has been very challenging to find a place where I belong, to find friends I can share life meaningfully with, and to find relationships with people who I can trust not to take advantage of my kindness. Sidekicks and love interests were always my favorite characters, however. Do others find that they are most drawn to narrative archetypes that most closely match their personality traits?