when I was in my 20's a friend of my sister's friend became interested in me. I liked her, she was funny and friendly so we became friends I guess. One day , I don't remember how, I found myself in her car, she and I went to her friend's house for a visit. I am a very shy person and I tried to not show it but I felt a little bit uncomfortable. When her friend asked her who I was, she told her that I was her boyfriend . I was surprised since I didn't know that she and I were that close but I didn't show it or at least I tried to not show it cuz I'm an easy blusher.
Anyway, we stayed in contact for about a week until she stopped coming to our house with my sister's friend. Nothing ever happened between us, not even a kiss, although I wished it. I never had a real and "official Date" in the proper ritualistic romantic sense, (at least not in my country) but I think that came a little close. That was the only time I have been introduced as a boyfriend. That was the summer of 2002.

To me real romantic passion has always been marked with the seal of secrecy and the greatest love has always been like a forbidden fruit. I ate it though and I was cursed to wander through the ocean of time haunted by the memories of an Idyll of which I will never feel the warmth again.
I'm halfway now, but there is nothing but a stretch of monochromic time between me and the final destination.