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    Remember what I said on 10-23-2020 on the Dementia Joe Pummels Dementia Joe thread that some stupid nit failed to grasp...PAY ATTENTION to the portion I have bolded because the writing was on the wall:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kill4Me View Post
    The moderator was a first-rate piece of garbage...this is how the entire line of questions would go

    Question to Donald Trump: Even your officials say (fill in with something that contradicts trump's positions), and you even called Anthony Fauci a disaster, what will you do...
    Question to Biden: What steps would you take to give confidence to people to take a vaccine?

    Question to Trump: You said that you have a great relatinship with north korean dictator Kim, that you write 'beautiful letters with North Korea", etc....
    QUESTION to BIDEN: What would you do to put an end to the threat of NOrth Korea?

    her questions for biden are questions for mentally retarded people and engineered to make Biden come out as the winner...she in no way attempted to put Biden in a position of having to answer for past mistakes and past controversial statements the way that she did to trump....

    Challenge Biden on all his swithcing positions from Fracking to Gun Control...
    Challenge Biden about all the mishaps from Benghazi to Afghanistan that resulted in deaths of soliders because Obama would not allow US to bomb in the daytime
    Challenge Biden on his segregationist policies that even Kamala called him out....

    She did none of that....she's a first class piece of shit. At one point she was arguing with Trump

    Why haven't you been able to improve it?
    Nancy Pelosi
    But you're the president!

    That's fine, be tough but be tough on both candidates, not tough on Trump and then treat Biden like a mentally retarded kid who she lobbed questoins up in the air like a volleyball for Biden to is so fckin obvious what that fake and phony piece of garbage was trying to do. only a moron would fall for that.

    the moderator is by far the biggest piece of shit to ever moderate a debate...what a complete and total and phony piece of shit.
    Challenge Biden about all the mishaps from Benghazi to Afghanistan that resulted in deaths of soliders because Obama would not allow US to bomb in the daytime

    My words on 10-23 should now strike the entire forum as prophetic.

    Now, dementia joe and the identity politic cesspool (aka democratic party) has really gone off the deepend and sold out through Joe ("Mr. experience")'s HORRID implementation of a withdrawal, going so far as to provide scummy Taliban with names of Americans and Allies to evacuate...the Fuckin Taliban. My prophetic words on 10-23 would have told anybody with a brain (and maybe even those without brain) that Biden is not fit for the position of Commander in Chief, that this is the type of incompetent dolt who would give the Taliban classified information and implement a weak, incompetent, pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting in further deaths as under the Obama/Biden/Fake Hillary policies. What a disgrace, as he attempts to blame his pathetic implementation of a withdrawal on Trump....err wait, as the words programmed into the teleprompter that dementia joe feeds off of like an intubed hospice patient attempts to blame his pathetic implementation of a withdrawal on Trump. So when I told the entire forum that the moderator is a gigantic piece of shit and total phony for not confronting dementia joe the creepy child molester on his past failures at Benghazi and Afghanistan, this just seals up the fact I was not brooking any exaggeration as to the scope of piece of shitness she inhabits.
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    C'mon maan!
    The Barnum or Forer effect is the tendency for people to judge that general, universally valid statements about personality are actually specific descriptions of their own personalities. A "universally valid" statement is one that is true of everyone—or, more likely, nearly everyone. It is not known why people tend to make such misjudgments, but the effect has been experimentally reproduced.

    The psychologist Paul Meehl named this fallacy "the P.T. Barnum effect" because Barnum built his circus and dime museum on the principle of having something for everyone. It is also called "the Forer effect" after its discoverer, the psychologist Bertram R. Forer, who modestly dubbed it "the fallacy of personal validation".

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