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Thread: Greetings!

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    Red face Greetings!

    Hello! My name is Mimi and I'm 16 year old.

    I recently got into MBTI, Enneagram and anything related to the sorts and I'm quiet interested on finding more about it.
    Despite it being queit confusing at first, I look forward to learning more about it for it did peak my interest a lot when my friend asked me about what my MBTI and enneagram was, although I didn't think I'd be in this currently situation researching more about it.

    But alas! That is all for introductions, I'm just someone new to the subject and looking forward to know more.

    I hope to make friends along the way and find out more about myself!

    - Mimi

    PS. I'm an ENFP 7w6 792 Do what you must with the information!
    PPS. I'm also Filipino so I can both speak Tagalog and English! Maybe a bit of spanish since I'm currently studying it.

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