Gaslighting is total bull since if you are actually wrong with disordered psyche like many people are and you argue with them showing examples and ways they are wrong they can just say you're gaslighting them. You know an example of gaslighting? Scrooge and the ghost of Christmass showing him how he's wrong. I had gotten the wrong impression of many things as kid due to being "too young" to know the truth resulting in my mental breaking when learning it especially because I had wasted years developing a mental model that's just wrong that I have to waste even more years to fix my cognitive distortions that result and resulted in me mistreating others. At the same time most people refuse to fix themselves and make mistreating others as law. They get offended on being called on it.

Of course there are actual situations of abuse with gaslighting. And the process of learning the truth when you are mentally ill is uncomfortable. As most people are so mentally ill they perceive learning as demonic/abusive. Most commonly religious zealots. Arabs abusive laws and rules are something regressives of the world away from there look at with nostalgia affection and desire.

you know how much I could have achieved if regressives didn't commit me to abusive environments so that I can't develop my skills and talents resulting in my cognitive decline and having no monetizable skills? They didn't believe in me and so many more others it's the same story succeding is not difficult unless people like them make it so. Then when I dare confront them about the life they took away from me I get accused of gaslighting, manipulation, abuse, whining and victim mentality (ironically). They force themselves in bad situations due to bad decisions, wanting of me the same as them. They force people into depravity and abuse then blame them for breaking under the weights they forced on them and when they themselves break it's "we're all humans we're all sinners we all make mistakes. I'm a lifelong learner stop being hateful" or flat out deny it. So obvious it was that she wouldn't have a good experience it's a trope it's a meme boarding schools religious institutions remote facilities redneck conservatives alabama there's a reddit group about boarding school trauma it's referenced in literature, music, movies, video games, news articles. You're a lifelong learner because you are cognitively impaired and can't figure out basic empathy that animals posses at the same time you do absolutely everything you can to avoid facing reality and the consequences of your actions on others.

"He didn't mean it". He did nothing to prevent doing something wrong and repeatedly ignored when others told him because "they are just whining, lazy, entitled, playing it up". It's been the same arguements for years while they hoard authority and decide how other people live. Someone dares enact laws to take away the power they have over other's lives "it's not fair to restrict my freedom."

Military as another conservative institution that destroys people. That's the point of conservatism. Abuse does not make you grow.
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