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Thread: [Socionics] Looking for feedback on my type and reasoning

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    Exclamation [Socionics] Looking for feedback on my type and reasoning

    I have been reading about Socionics for a good while so I think I have at least a good grasp of the theory. Still, I am not very good at seeing myself very objetively- and even when I do, I doubt my reasoning constantly. So that's why I've come here for some external feedback. The tests and questionnaires I've done before on different occasions and states of mind suggested EII, IEI, EIE, SEI and ESE.

    Firstly, from my understanding, I think I do have good Fe (not necessarily Base) and terrible Te (Suggestive or POLR, but I am not ruling out Role). I like dealing with people (and making jokes just to see their reaction), their moods and can enjoy group settings despite being shy and needing some time alone. I can also be pretty good at inspiring and motivating people, although I am not as good at directly influencing the mood of the room. (It's possible, just not as simple depending on the circumstances)
    I can also be affected by the moods of those around me easily. Hiding it is also possible, but unnatural. Expressing deeper feelings/thoughts accurately can be a little tricky though.

    I can be productive when I know it's something that'll bring me closer to my vision or ideal future, even when it's very stressful. I'm more concerned with appearing efficient, intelligent and knowledgeable to others than actually being productive, if that makes sense. I also feel a need to "just do" something, and sometimes I just can't. It's like the intense energy piling up inside me is trying to overcome my lack of motivation because I still can't properly visualize my desired goal. When that's out of the way though, I can be quite decisive. Procrastination can be a problem for me because of that.

    I also believe I'm Ni (and Se)-valuing over Si-valuing, either Base or Creative, but I could be wrong. The way I strongly sense how some events will unfold (sometimes it's not even visible, but the feeling is there), especially when it comes to relashionships- and how much influence I can or have to make in order to achieve something. I tend to miss a lot of obvious details and elements on my environment frequently, so there are times where these "conclusions" are completely wrong because I didn't pay enough attention.
    Producing comfortable surroundings is definitely not my forte, but I respect and admire it on others.
    Rhythm-related things (videos and games, despite being bad at them) are incredibly alluring to me for some reason though. And I do worry about word choice sometimes. Would that be Si? Unrelated to typing? I'm not sure.

    Thank you very much for reading, and please correct me if I got something wrong!
    I can answer more questions if I have to.
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