I've accessed this site a few times before but never really thought about registering up until now. I'm trying to understand Socionics better so I figured it would be helpful.
Anyhow, I am a nineteen years old male student who finds personality typing systems (and psychology in general) fascinating and a means to understand myself and others even better. I look forward to learning a lot more with you all!

I tried a few Socionics tests before and got IEI, EIE, EII and even ESE. Although I resonate strongly with the descriptions I've read for EIE and IEI, I have trouble trusting my own logic or seeing myself objetively sometimes, feeling like I may be biased/trying to feel special.

My "hobbies" are envisioning my future, studying languages and mathematics (which is also a language to me), playing/watching rhythm games/videos and speaking to/counseling people. Feel free to ask any questions if you like!