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    Default Love poem

    You are my dearest friend who I hope to hold dear
    May I hold you close and call you my sweet lovely
    Storms begin when I doubt, you return there's no fear
    How I wish I could love you ever so truly

    I ache for the future due to aching silence
    With you I long for your gentle love and smile
    Forgotten in your presence are the world's violence
    When you're away I am in strangeness.... exile

    There are not any words for me to say
    But shall you say you love me and I love you
    Every day passes near the courtship day
    Permitted by scholars who let us do

    Shall you be mine to love in abundance, exclusively?
    I adore you ever so wondrously and committedly

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    Romance and dreaming with a good mix of mysticism and art can really capture emotional states in the dragonfly pattern of cosmic ecstasy and Zen.
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