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    Default Serious dismantling topic

    Soon, what rules our society and government will be dismantled, in fact, alternative news is very clear that it is already actively being demolisihed led by our real president and by the military (but not every part of that military, because there will be exposures and dismantling in the military, too - i.e., some of the military generals are as bad or worse than top polititians, Hollywood, and popular billionaires extoled by the media).

    What I hear consistently is that massive arrests have already happened and MANY have already been tried, and as unbelievable as this sounds: they consistently say that many excecutions of those found guilty by military trial have already taken place. Miltary trials are faster and punishments are different and happen swifter apparently. This is always said to have taken place at the "spa south of Florida", at the U.S. the military place of presence of that C. country related to us that is in the news of late. These executions are alleged to include polititians and Hollywood persons whose names we ALL know.* Time will tell if that is true or not, because all will come out when everything else is exposed.

    Very central to the evil is that is going to be exposed, that will completely destroy great power and massive fortunes of the very powerful involved in it is child sex trafficing. That is the topic of the video linked below. That video is an example of the alternate news out there. This video is in the format of many news videos I see*, which took me some time to get used to. I have now watched many now, so now I see the patterns and I can quickly spot which are the outliers, which ones are troll news put out there to distract from the reality that alike-looking videos are presenting. The information is often presented in a "coded" way to excape the Dem's current communist censorship. [i.e., "the spa south of Florida"].

    This woman sounds ligit to me. I know someone well who has expeirneced horrific abuse from at least toddlerhood, the things she referred to in order for me to have a clue what she went through are things you just don't want tyo believe happen. So I can tell you is that these people who have suffered such atrocities at the tenderest of ages often have amazing gifts of great intelligence and ability to survive. This woman sounds like that. She touches on a lot of things. She has something to tell. It is an example of soemthign we are goign to see a lot of in the real news, and we will all be disgusted with these people we had trusted.

    This video is 17 minutes long. If that seems long for you for unknown info, Just listen to the first TWO MINUTES to decide if you want to hear the rest:

    This above video is misnamed; that is not the topic. I went to watch it of intereest in that stated topic, but it is instead about what I just described over).

    In most of these videos, the pictures, like this, are unrelated to what the speaker is saying, the speaker often unidentified you can see why in this video). often there is all-caps captioning, poorly spelled, adn sometimers a wlaking tiger or elephant or shark at the top corner, and then at the b ottom corner a "speaker" who is not the speaker but imitastign them, I guess so you can have somethign to look at. However, "fake alternate news" videos are ptu otu in the exact same format, for example, one I recently saw said U.N. Military is preparign to come to America, also Communist China. So I can ignore that, because no one else as well as no prophets are saying this.

    *Shocking as that sounds, it is less shocking than what they did. Systematic horrific torture of children.
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    Society is going to collapse but not for the reasons you think it is going to.

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