1. What is beauty? What is love?

    1. I find nature beautiful. Itís a wonderful thing and makes me feel at peace. I also find ancient roman civilization beautiful, or really any civilization that conquered a lot of the world, I love the idea of conquering things as such and making them mine. Iím not sure what love is, but I love myself. I think too many people illogically chase love.

  2. What are your most important values?

    1. I donít really have any values. I often get yelled at for this by people. I guess my biggest value is to be a strong person and stick to your convictions, and never give in.

  3. Do you have any sort of spiritual/religious beliefs, and why do you hold (or don't) those beliefs in the first place?

    1. Not much. I believe that a God probably does exist logically speaking, but I donít really stick strongly to any religion. For me I just try to base my beliefs off of the truth and whatever makes sense to me.

  4. Opinion on war and militaries? What is power to you?

    1. War is a natural aspect of living in the world. People act like theyíre so deep and cool for hating war but I view it as a positive, itís a way to conquer and win, something that I care for a lot. It is important to maintain a strong military to ensure you win for the same reason. Power to me is being able to control people and my environment, and to do whatever I want to.

  5. What have you had long conversations about? What are your interests? Why?

    1. Usually about philosophy. I find it interesting to discuss and it is easy to go into it in depth causing a long discussion.

  6. Interested in health/medicine as a conversation topic? Are you focused on your body?

    1. No, I never really think of it or care about it. I care about being physically fit and I really like the way I look but I donít focus on my body otherwise. I guess I focus a lot on the strength of my body and it being as strong as it can possibly be.

  7. What do you think of daily chores?

    1. Annoying and a pain. Iíd rather someone else do it.

  8. Books or films you liked? Recently read/watched or otherwise. Examples welcome.

    1. My favorite movies are American Psycho, Taxi Driver, Joker, and Nightcrawler. Most of the books I read are non-fiction, so I donít really have a favorite there, but in particular I really like reading about ancient roman history.

  9. What has made you cry? What has made you smile? Why?

    1. Canít remember the last time I cried. Mustíve been years ago. I smile usually when I find things amusing.

  10. Where do you feel: at one with the environment/a sense of belonging?

    1. When Iím on my own, particularly in nature. I feel truly at peace and in a very good mood.

  11. What have people seen as your weaknesses?

    1. People usually say that I am egotistical, manipulative, or an asshole. Most of what people dislike about me lies in that realm. I remember a few people saying that at first I seem very charismatic and like I am interested in them, but very quickly after I stop caring and disappear from their life.

  12. What do you dislike about yourself?

    1. I guess maybe that I suck with sticking to routine.

  13. What have people seen as your strengths?

    1. People usually compliment me on being smart, funny, chill, interesting, and charismatic. They seem to admire my conviction and drive to do things.

  14. What do you like about yourself?

    1. Too much to list. I think my best traits are my conviction, creativity, sense of humor, intelligence, confidence, charisma, fearlessness, rationality, decisiveness, philosophical nature, my nature in general, unique world view, ability to plan and execute, ambition, and honestly literally just being me. If I'm being honest I just really like the idea of myself and almost everything about me, what I listed and honestly pretty much 99% of things I will say in this post.

  15. In what areas of your life would you like help?

    1. I donít like taking help. But maybe I would rather have someone deal with tedious things and housework for me.

  16. Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.

    1. I was recently. I kind of lost all my ambition and just didnít really care if things went either way. I mostly just completely withdrew into myself as well. I hated dealing with people and just absorbed myself into my interests. It happened because of burnout and being tired with life. I stuck to it for a while but eventually pulled myself out.

  17. What qualities do you most like and dislike in other people? What types do you get along with?

    1. I like people who are funny and provide interesting points of view. I dislike people who morally grandstand or donít have points of views on things. I look for people that have a unique perception of the world and are a sort of 'outsider' like me. I dislike conflict avoidant people. I get along with ILEs, EIEs, LIEs, ILIs, in terms of friendships. Usually ethical types are attracted to me, xEIs a lot, and sometimes ESEs. I get along with them because most of them do what I tell them to do and donít question me much.

  18. How do you feel about romance/sex? What qualities do you want in a partner?

    1. I donít like promiscuity, I tend to look down on promiscuous people. I also look down on people who chase love too much. I donít care much for romance. I want my partner to be hot, have a good body, and obey me.

  19. If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?

    1. Wouldnít want them to be weak or pathetic. Donít want them to be some kind of bum that leeches off of me. And not some annoying sack of shit that I just find to be a pain. I probably wouldnít get too involved but just teach them some important lessons maybe.

  20. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward and outward reaction?

    1. Find it interesting to find out his perspective. Argue about it with him. I care about being right, I might be wrong in this case so Iíll hear him out.

  21. Describe your relationship to society. How do you see people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.

    1. Iím opposed to it. I want to start a movement and become a symbol opposing everything mainstream society supports. I dislike most people. Theyíre illogical sheep without beliefs of their own. Most of their Ďbeliefsí donít truly exist and they just have them for ego fulfillment by validation from others and social conditioning. I think I am one of the few people who has accepted my true nature and cut off unnecessary standards. Most are also very boring and annoying. At the same time, I really like playing around with them. I like to see how they react to me and my persona, where I act real grand and dramatic like some supervillain. The social problems I have issues with are not the same as what conventional people view as issues. I think the biggest social problem is that there is a certain group of people influencing everyone's views because the elite all own the media and big companies, and have powerful positions in the government. I want to oppose these people and present my viewpoint that they hate, go against everything they and the majority of people support. I want such people to view me as a villain and be scared of me.

  22. How do you choose your friends and how do you behave around them?

    1. I choose them by the criteria I said earlier. I just tend to joke around with them and have discussions relating to my philosophy and view on life. I like giving them ideas I have for movies or games and discussing things we can do.

  23. How do you behave around strangers?

    1. Depends on the circumstance. If I have something to gain out of them, I make a lot of jokes, I also pay attention to their behavior to try and find out their insecurities and what they value. I then provide them help in this area and compliment them on it. I still act a bit offensive but I make them think Iím still a good guy overall. I just try and find out whatever to do to get what I want out of them.