Because Aushra Augusta (did I get that right) is the creator of socionics, I thought it was necessary to consult her descriptions of the IMs in her work, the Dual Nature of Man.

It's obvious that I have strong disgust or like, love, indifference, or hatred for others or things, and I can sense okay when someone dislikes me. I can sense self-hatred easily. I make my life decisions based upon my like, hatred, attraction, or disgust about a person or situation and I feel those feelings strongly and am aware of them. I'm not objective, so I'm Thinking dominant. I feel some confidence in which she described as Ti, but I tend to feel myself making more errors and have less confidence there than I do with interpersonal communication and feeling whether I like someone or hate them. I also feel when someone likes me or doesn't like me, but my own likes or dislikes are more important than other peoples' likes or dislikes of me. Few people are convinced by my reasoning and explanations and Ti types tend to find me illogical and dumb. EIE often don't understand what I'm saying right away, and it's hard to persuade them of either subtype. They never think I have great ability to reason and if they ask me for directions, I have a hard time telling them and they're confused. I'm more likely to ask them for directions. I prefer the facts and what's observable than what's just pure theory, so that would make me Ti-devaluing. I think theories can either holdback or advance certain individuals. If I can't see it, or if it's not based upon hope that I'll be getting something I'll like from it, then I won't want it. I don't like dealing with bureaucracy unless I have to, and I like systems and laws sometimes just to play around with, but I really don't understand them well. I don't want to human systems like a family which would be Beta Ti. My Fi dislikes are my own and partly based upon what I experienced. I'm aware of when I become indifferent to someone. My emotions are raw and strongly felt by me. Friendship based upon how much I feel like I love the person is the predominant theme of my life, not whether I'm loved. When I realize they don't want anything to do with me, I usually quit trying to hang out with them. Video games were just something I loved and the industry is something I would defend against any attacks especially from government. I change the way I approach things objectively about what's advantageous to me. I don't have a consistent Ti worldview that I consistently aim to impose the public, nor one where I feel power or leadership or hierarchy is usually desirable. I care about peoples' opinions to a degree, but mainly those that are based upon what's observable, if it goes against what I think is beautiful I reject it, even if it's a compliment. I wanted to be a lawyer to reduce the power of the federal government because i think it was growing unfairly big and i felt threats to my freedom from it, but I wasn't all that serious about that goal and didn't want to and couldn't evaluate all the theories or operate all the facts into a coherent system so I didn't do it. I like to learn about what's real, not what I could never observe, I'm skeptical of what's not observable or not likely to be beneficial to my own freedom or material benefit for beauty and sensuality. So Fi fits better than Ti for my base function. My Fi-valuing sometimes conflicts with my dad's Fe-valuing.

Even more obvious to me, is I can easily know the will and physical strength and beauty or ugliness of someone or beauty or ugliness of something and for me it's often inseparable from my likes/dislikes/disgust. So I definitely have Se as my creative function.

I usually don't like Ti-based rules or Ti-based hierarchy/organization of people or protocol if it works against my freedom or of those i care about, but mainly my human freedom. I don't like to be organized for a long time into a human system (e.g., religion, family, existing in-power political institution nor dominant politician), I'll accept it if I have to, but I generally prefer not to do it. I stand up to something based upon whether I liked it or didn't like it. Then I may try to organize something for educational purposes about human rights abuses, about what I like and don't like, and in the hopes they'll increase my rights. But I'm not good at organizing people and really don't want to for long and it wouldn't be my ideas from my own heart and mind. i prefer to sit back as a critic and commentator rather than deal with people in power face to face nor work as a team nor as a leader nor as a follower in a mainstream system.