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This 1st song is wired to a metronome or sanctuary of resolve and stillness, trying to embody the pure liquid veil of the aurora.
The 2nd song has a mysticism or cramming of the peace projector with a soothing bed spread of collective fog.
The 3rd song lifts the veil of wonder and being a sponge or trophy of high ornamentation in a boundless theater.
The 4th song creates an arc or disco of infatuation and rhythm.
The 5th song consoles the mind with a therapy or dance-work of dreams and sensation.
The 6th song highlights the extrasensory cockpit of perfect waves and streams.
The 7th song is catchy and rumbling with flow and jazz for spoon feeding the cereal.
The 8th song sounds more traditional and less enchanting yet swift and true to color.
The 9th song sounds like a chapel or religious conference with zoom and aerial positioning.
The 10th song sounds like a chase or exhibition of wild flair.
The 11th song riverside angel has a brilliant title with a splash into the canopy of blessings and liberty.
The 12th song receives council and stratagem in a low key swirl.
The 13th song sounds like the world is inviting gadgets and commercial seals to the embassy.
The 14th song I can't lose is whizzing with life and accessories of coiling up with elevated masterpiece clockwork to capture and seize crowning ascension.
The 15th song has a really gross boobie picture but is seasoned and equipped for a long train of gauntlets and imperial steals.
The 16th song rides a pony of custom orders to embody pristine voltage.
The 17th song rebounds with flying contexts and zippers of high speed rattling and bounce.
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