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    Default Instinct writing style

    Sp/soc: Most straightforward in language, with relatively little trills and embellishments. Points made directly and from personal experience. Business-like and clear. Can be cynical. Attuned to the financial underbelly. Lacking in internal experience compared to other stackings. Woeing and lamenting personal experiences that are lacking, missing, or foregone and never to be fixed or recovered.

    Sp/sx: Comes out as somewhat removed, heavy, yet personal and captivating - giving off a suffocating, insular, emotionally extinguishing vibe, as if their internal world is wrapped around by an impermeable membrane. Strong sensory impressions designed to awake emotions and sexuality. Makes one want to linger on one or two lines forever.

    Soc/sp: Tangential. Very in-their-head and intellectual in their analyses. Comes across as level-headed and unspontaneous, but also extending inclusiveness and personal warmth towards others. Lacking in discernment of emotional nuances, may appear unwitting, material, and coarse in their approach of personal relationships. Their written works often require a great deal of mental concentration from the readers.

    Soc/sx: The word "fantastical" comes to mind. Lots of virtuosity and trills, and often removed from the real world. One is whirled away by the dazzling fairies of their colorful imagination. Can be too rich in imagery for their own good. Sustained dramatic power due to their knowledge of interpersonal dynamics.

    Sx/sp: Intense, often a stab-in-the-chest sensation, leaving me in tears without knowing why. Fantastical but much more concentrated in a few inner images. Can be abstract, animating dead objects into their field of contemplation. Embodiment of another human, thing, or idea is common in their writings. Talking of their personal thoughts and experiences, while forgetting to include others.

    Sx/soc: My impression of their writing is "fire-and-ice", as if one is to experience the extremes of heat and coldness at the same time. Often abstract, spilling one inner vision after another like a dream-sequence. Seems particularly in touch with the core meaning of life and death.


    I’m just curious - do you relate to your instinct writing style? Similarities, differences..?
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