it seems that certain groups of humans are beginning to interpret science as always being correct too much because of how science relies on evidence to draw conclusions as it faces opposition from spirituality which draws conclusions unscientifically unlike how science does then there is narrow-mindedness evolving into humans net knowledge of reality itself with how people interpret reality as they know it across the globe.the key point is that it is wiser to interpret reality as if there always could be even wiser ways to interpret reality in retrospect to spirituality or science no matter who you are or what you believe.the wisest wisdom is to keep keeping track of how this is the case i think no matter how extremely frustrating religion vs science debates can become.i know this from experience in online debating with how debating without forming too much narrow mindedness too quickly results in having a wiser state of mind.i think that this knowledge is useful to keep track of and encourage others to do the same because of how it has potential to keep your mind tuned into reality a certain percent wiser.