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Thread: Alpha Books, TV shows, etc.

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    Default Alpha Books, TV shows, etc.

    I usually don't post something Alpha as what I'm watching/reading, because the Alpha stuff is usually something that other people, especially Alphas have heard of, so it seems redundant to post such information. *However,* I feel a more complete list is necessary. So here is my list (feel free to add to it):

    TV Shows:

    - Monty Python (Every Alpha should have at least heard of this, but it still deserves mention)
    - Seinfeld
    - The Simpsons


    - A Brief History of Time (Ditto to what I said about Monty Python)
    - The Emperor's New Mind (Roger Penrose)
    - Time: A Traveler's Guide (Clifford Pickover)
    - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (Richard Feynman)
    - The Road to Reality (Roger Penrose)
    - In Search of the Double Helix (and other books by John Gribbin)
    - Artificial Intelligence - An Illustrated History (Pickover)
    - Books by Martin Gardner
    - Other books by Stephen Hawking
    - Concepts of Modern Mathematics (Ian Stewart)
    - Books by Lewis Carroll and H.E. Dudeney
    - Puzzle books of all kinds and varieties
    - The Elegant Universe (Brian Greene)
    - A Mind for Numbers
    - Lateral Thinking (Edward de Bono)
    - Anything by Daniel Dennett


    - The Big Lebowski
    - Uncle Buck
    - Step Brothers (this is pure 'Fe' to me)
    - Anything by Sacha Baron Cohen (EIE to some, but still pure 'Fe')
    - The Theory of Everything
    - Ghostbusters
    - Stripes
    - The History of Time Travel
    - Stranger than Fiction
    - National Lampoon's Animal House
    - The Truman Show
    - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    - The Bank Job
    - Hot Fuzz

    Anything else that anyone wants to add?
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