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So things like "Like/love" and "Dislike/hate" seem to put ranked orders of values on things. We are attracted to things that we like, we make choices based on things that we like or feel good about. It's just not really clear how those choices are being made by our feelings. Why do we pick choice A over choice B? Why do we choose person A over B?
That was what I was trying to say originally. In my case, I often prefer one thing to another because it makes more logical sense in some way. For instance, I used to love the 1980s, and this was a logical choice because of all the innovative stuff that came out in that decade. I remember watching a CNN documentary on computers in 'The Eighties' series, and man was that decade innovative wrt technology and computers. I.e., the 1980s fit my quadra values very well in some ways, and hence why I liked it.