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    Default Gulenko Type: EIE

    After taking some time from Socionics and getting back to it with fresh thoughts, I decided to try Gulenko's typing. According to him I'm an EIE, harmonizing subtype. He explains my, as he called it "distant" extraversion, with this subtype and my lack or organizational skills as a consequence of the harmonizing subtype as well. Nevertheless, he says that I'm extroverted mostly based off my emotional expressiveness that I showed in the video. The rational subtype is explained by my need for organization and order, even though I'm not always good at it.

    I was sceptical about this at first, but after reading his EIE profile, it actually really fits, more so than an IEI. I'm still sure my Enneagram type is 4w3 and I guess that my 4-ness might make me seem more introverted and more Ni, than I actually am. It's common for 4s to type as introverts and the overall description is quite introverted, so it makes sense that a 4 would type as an introverted type even though it might not be the case.

    I also think that my current job made me come out of my shell a lot and made me a lot more extroverted than I used to be. I'm not saying that it's changed me, I'm just saying that it made me realize parts of myself, I was not aware of before and that no longer corresponded with the IEI type. I think a person might hide or not realize bits of the self that to him are seen as weak or useless, but when the time comes, he can actually realize that he's much more capable in such areas that previously thought and I'm pretty sure that was my case as well.

    Also, this points out to an important fact that not all 4s are automatically IEIs, even when the two types overlap a lot. I think there's a decent number of EIE, IEE, EII or even ESI 4s who struggle to type correctly because the stereotype dictates the IEI in socionics.

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    From what I’ve seen you post on here, I think EIE-H seems to suit you well

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    It's close to correct IEI.
    Videos in typing threads help to understand your type.

    I suspect your opinion about own traits and selfperception becomes not stable when you get emotional problems. Mb you had a break with a man or other negative experience. Forbidden substances could had an influence too. Besides chronic issues which you may to have.
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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