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Thread: What Socionics should 'Give' You

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    Default What Socionics should 'Give' You

    People enter socionics with high hopes. The question is, "What should one expect from the theory?" The problem is that socionics is all conjecture, all speculation (not 'rabid speculation'). But it is all hypothetical. Therefore, one should not assume that the theory is perfect - or even scientific. The answer then is that you should get the following from the theory:

    1. Be able to identify your dual and other positive relations.
    2. Identify conflicting types, so you know to stay away from them.
    3. Be able to identify interesting hobbies, college majors, careers (even books, websites, etc.) based on the IMs that appeal to you.

    That is all you should really expect from it. None of the above requires that the Jungian framework (or the rest of the theory) be correct. And the silly polemics that "person x's type does not fit, so they are a(n) ________" (idiot, liar, etc.) should be completely thrown into the garbage.

    The point is that this is not objective science, but it can still help you find some satisfaction in life. Therefore, don't look at it like it is a categorical set of rules about how people behave.

    Would you agree?
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    Socionics shouldn't or can't 'Give' anything, people can 'Take' whatever they want.

    I agree that the theory isn't perfect or scientific or objective. I don't expect those things you listed or use socionics in a way that you listed. Socionics is a tool, a lingo that I can use to gather or exchange information about different patterns of human cognition so that I can understand people and myself better. I can also use this understanding for other things, but mainly I just want to understand more.

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    A type also shows what is weak. To improve that - skills and function levels. Duality in love state is useful (most among IR) to study you be better in weak regions.
    If to develop weak functions this will reduce the type. What will reduce inner conflicting to allow feel emotionally better and more assured, would reduce problems of bad IR with other people.

    > Be able to identify interesting hobbies, college majors, careers (even books, websites, etc.) based on the IMs that appeal to you.

    Using of strong functions for occupations is easier and more productive. But if to forget about weak regions - this may harm you by higher neuroticism, to harm other people and relations with them too.
    It's not clear what to choose - strong or weak regions for main occupations. Would be good to have several occupations for strong and weak regions (alike, a day in 1 place and other day in 2nd place - similarly as you study in schools different subjects), but today society does not support this. It predisposes to have hobbies only, besides main occupation.
    Among worst what may happen, if someone will concentrate on strong regions and will degrade weak regions much. It's similar to professional personal deformation. Besides worse self feeling, this arises the risk of inappropriate behavior and worse application of skills in a context. For example, you create good technical product (T) but can't achieve its factory production as ruined some relations (F). Or you are nice person and people like you (F), but can't do reasonable decisions (T) to live good enough. Socionics texts say not much about this risk and more push to this way, only pointing that a dual may help in weak regions.
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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