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Thread: Sub-Types (INTP, ISTP, INFP, INTJ)

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    Default Sub-Types (INTP, ISTP, INFP, INTJ)

    1) Bathroom Dodger - They are so obsessed with geeky hobbies like video games, that they don't even go to / forget to use the bathroom!!
    2) Abstract Daydreamer - They live almost solely in the world of the mind, thinking about things all day!!
    3) Extreme Engineer - A more poster version of INTP, they are really good at academics, math, and science.*
    4) Mad Musician - Perhaps the most common kind of INTP, they are very lazy, don't usually care, and are into extreme thrills, maybe even a street philosopher.*
    5) Final Annihilator - Perhaps the Ultimate of all types, they are so unrealistic, farfetched, radical, calculating, that they will never stop until they're the lords of existence and beyond, even into Imagination!!* (RaptorWizard)

    1) Jock - Good at sports.
    2) Mechanic - Good with engineering.
    3) Nerd - Eccentric.
    4) Bum - Stasis oriented and hedonistic.
    5) Daredevil/Scoundrel - Never tell Me the odds!!

    1) Storybook Character - Basically like My Bunny Angel, enjoying fiction, fluffy things, cute things, cuddly things, adorable things, you get the picture!!
    2) Drama Displayer - INFPs that like to fit in socially, perhaps the closest version to ISFP.
    3) Smart Scholar - They are very wise, intellectual, into education, and independent study (My Mom is this type)!!*
    4) Avenging Activist - Trying to make a difference in the real world and heal injustice.
    5) Knight of Faith - Believing in high minded philosophical ideals and the essential Hero (like Luke Skywalker)!!*

    1) Sage - Interested in all things metaphysical and connecting to God or the Divine Source of Love, you get the picture.
    2) Scientist - The ultimate rationalist, they question everything, and yet they are also open to new ideas.
    3) Creator - Building inventive novelties and fiction in a very original and magical way.
    4) Achiever - Basically like Kobe Bryant or Zarathustra, working their tails off to actualize/realize the impossible/incredible.
    5) Mastermind - Sort of like Final Annihilator INTP, yet smarter, more realistic, more long range, more planned out, less frenzied, and potentially more evil (maybe not in a I don't care way, but in a controlling way), like Emperor Palpatine!

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    THE LIST ( The 24 INTP Subtypes by John Rieping. Copyright and stuff.)

    P-type – The Improvisers

    PNTI – “quantum mechanic” - This subtype uses a wild intellectual instinct to perfect systems, whether they were the originator or not. The weak TI creates ambivalence towards identity and logic.
    PNIT - "context jumper” (mashup) - The other PN. This subtype tends towards comparing seemingly incompatible systems. They thrive on unorthodox metaphors.
    PINT - "secret courtesan" (mother of pearl) - The first of our identity-strong subtypes, they court several identities at once without thought of consistency. This subtype also has the ability to form cyst-like gems of radiant wisdom around microscopic irritants.
    PITN - "reed in the wind" (ninja) - Skilled in the evasive arts, these are one of the physical subtypes. Their sense of physical evasion echoes in the chameleon nature of their soul.
    PTNI - "cold shower" ("reality check") - With the inherent paradox of being a T-strong perceiver, this subtype excels in efficiently reducing systems to the simplest metaphor. This activity can be sobering.
    PTIN - "collector" - The second in the physical/material subtype, the PTIN collects ideas into a centerless framework.

    N-type – The Speculators

    NPIT -- "niche maker" – This subtype tends to create systems starting from a specific example, creating the framework to fit the criteria of the intuition-object. They want to find a place for everything, and a frame big enough for everyone.
    NPTI -- "mediator" – With a kind, agreeable nature, this subtype wants to classify and sort much like the NPIT, but tries to do this from within whichever system is dominant.
    NIPT – "social hacker" (“virus”) – This identity subtype tries to infect others with a prevailing thought in order to create self-replicating satellites. The best memes are created by the NIPT.
    NITP -- "specialist" -- The first of our value-heavy subtypes, the NITP creates an identity through adherence to usually one thought-style or system-style (one that may evolve slowly over the years), finding the similarity of all things within this framework.
    NTIP – "armchair general" – This is the first of the two flipped rationals. This subtype plays to win, and may not even realize not everyone shares that attitude. An NTIP will usually win long before playing the game, having created and/or perfected the gaming system.
    NTPI – "arcologist" – The other of the flipped rationals, the NTPI tends towards creating utopian architectures. It does this out of a strong intuition of global truth.

    I-type – The Solipsists

    INTP – "manifesto" – With a strong sense of values and identity, this subtype leads to a greater truth by quiet example.
    INPT – Bodhidharma – This subtype, the second of the hermit-like INs, seeks to transcend personality through calm reflection or meditation.
    IPNT -- Deadhead (Tolkienite) – Like long-simmering hippies, this subtype tends to quietly yearn for a simpler existence, usually involving nature or anachronism.
    IPTN – "gamer" ("pothead") – This subtype uses themselves as the basic element in their fantasy worlds. Consequently, they tend to make self-indulgent frameworks to inhabit.
    ITNP – "slow burn" (Ubermensch) – This subtype wants to have the most unbiased perception possible, but in order to achieve this must constantly rethink and slowly obliterate any personal association that might fetter objectivity. The ITNP can get caught in an endless judging-perceiving cycle of re-examination.
    ITPN – "reset button" – This subtype has all the identity strife of the ITNP, but tends to externalize it as a concrete activity of some kind. The two ITs tend to be the most objective of all the subtypes, because they constantly force themselves to face their faults.

    T-type – The Editors

    TNIP – "global paradox" – One of two pure rationals, the TNIP has a knack for boiling anything down to a single metaphorical paradox.
    TNPI – "saboteur" (“survival of the fittest”) – The second of the pure rationals, the TNPI tends to find a favored heuristic with which to destroy any system. This subtype prefers to destroy in service of a stronger whole, which it ironically knows will never be perfect or complete.
    TIPN – Ourobouros – This artistic subtype tends to be always destroying and creating itself, finding an identity in the process of constant self-creation. This is like a mellower version of the IT subtypes (ITNP and ITPN).
    TINP -- "silver bullet" (Kryptonite) – This subtype tends to be always searching for the Achilles' heel of a system, and appreciates being recognized as the person who brought it down.
    TPIN – "stress test" – This subtype is the pure analyst who succeeds in dispassionately running simulations in their mind. These are potentially the best visualizers out of all the 384 subtypes.
    TPNI – "actuary" – This subtype is the most ambivalent of INTP identity subtypes as well as the most logical. The pure debater.

    The Nesters
    INFP - “martyr” - In this mood, the INFP tends to sacrifice themselves in an effort to promote their particular sense of truth.
    INPF - Don Quixote of La Mancha - Like a more refined version of the “martyr,” an INFP in this mood tends to turn their very identity into a metaphor for the truth they promote.
    IFNP - “transcendentalist” - This isolation-prone mood tends to idealize simplicity and a-rationality.
    IFPN - “sentimentalist” - A combination of strong sensory and feeling preference makes this mood prone to collecting various objects to symbolize emotional states and periods in time.
    IPFN - Bilbo Baggins (“master of baths”) - The combination of a highly fluid identity and relative sensory preference in this mood means the INFP likes an inordinate quantity of alone time.
    IPNF - “monk” - Stasis and detachment tend to mark this mood. Often mistaken for an INTP.
    + + +

    The Manipulators
    NIPF - “Jedi master” (“Sith lord”) - An INFP in this mood may create concord or discord without appearing involved. Their motives remain inscrutable. Of the INFPs mistaken for INTPs, this is the most dangerous from an INTP perspective.
    NIFP - “crusader” - Much like the “Jedi master”, but with a strong sense of right and wrong, this mood excels at intuiting the motives of others.
    NFIP - “evangelist” - An INFP in this mood is like a more extraverted “crusader,” and uses this power to make large groups of people feel good or bad.
    NFPI - “performance artist” (Lady Gaga) - This mood generally manifests as an “evangelist” turned up to 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, and may make others uncomfortable.
    NPFI - “flower power” (“Zen seminar disruptor”) - They want to mediate, but tend to rely on the single answer: “We’re all one, man!”
    NPIF - Noah (“zookeeper”) - Likely to notice and include those left out by others, an INFP in this mood collects personalities into elaborate menageries of potential. Everyone has a place in the grand scheme of life.
    + + +

    The Daydreamers
    PINF - “philosopher” (“false INTP”) - Those of this especially calm and absentminded mood may mistakenly claim the type that fits their feelings about themselves the best, the INTP.
    PIFN - “angry aesthete” (“lover of beauty”) - Tying their identity to art, an INFP in this mood is angry about the very existence of art of low quality. Unfortunately, they’re usually right.
    PFIN - Elliot Smith (“lyricist”) - This poetic mood combines skill with words and patterns to express feelings in writing or song that would be more difficult or uncomfortable to say in a plainer fashion.
    PFNI - Stevie Nicks (“collaborator”) - More extraverted than a “lyricist”, an INFP in this mood will usually rely on help from others to promote their agenda, whatever that may be. Lucky for us, it’s usually artistic.
    PNFI - Totoro - An INFP in this mood knows that the possibility for dreamy cuddles is endless. Just don’t piss them off.
    PNIF - Bukowski - I told you not to piss Totoro off. An INFP in this mood is more comfortable with combining seemingly incompatible things (at least in the eyes of others) and less averse to conflict than usual for the INFP type.
    + + +

    The Nurturers
    FINP - “moralist” (“counselor”) - The SJ of the INFP universe, an INFP in this mood carries a very robust moral code and is not shy about expressing it.
    FIPN - “veterinarian” (“caretaker”) - Healers in every sense of the word, these are like the “moralist”, but they tend to focus on the physical body of the “patient” first.
    FNIP - Samwise Gamgee (Snuggie) - An INFP in this mood is always trying to find simple solutions to the emotional turmoil in people’s lives. Once they find such solutions, they try to apply them wherever possible.
    FNPI - “cuddle puddle” (“champion”) - This nurturer tends to use their very personality as an emotional ointment for the troubles of their subject.
    FPIN - “fur suit” (“cosplayer”) - An INFP in this mood is preoccupied with the possibilities for refined emotions. This can lead them to a variety of novel solutions for self- and group-expression.
    FPNI - Care Bear - A less refined version of the “fur suit,” an INFP in this mood tries to craft novel emotional solutions for each separate relationship.

    5w6 sx/soc - "The Mad Theorist." The most mentally intense of all types, a speculative imagination teams up with a visionary intellect to produce an eccentric style that cannot stop theorizing on the frontiers of science, envisioning alternate realities, or predicting the future. Fascinated by the paranormal, the unexplained, the six wing adds a sense of conspiratorial intrigue. They possess abundant nervous energy and are anxious to discharge their thoughts onto others, though the forcefulness of their ideas and sometimes frenzied delivery may overwhem their audience.

    5w6 sx/sp - "From Another Planet." Less attracted to mundane science, more likely to be captivated by the unusual and complex universes that populate cutting edge sci-fi. Slow to trust but driven to engage with others, may offer hints about their secret interests to test a person's receptiveness. They share their private ideas and knowledge as a way to get closer. This tactic may unintentionally win them many friends, but leave them just as removed from any romantic prospects. Not as nerdish though a bit on the odd side, others may find them strangely appealing. Overall, the most atypical 5w6, can be mistaken for 5w4.

    5w4 sx/sp "In their Own World" contributed by jase There's something oddly captivating about this Five, apt to wander through various conceptual worlds, as conceived in the minds of others, or of their own creation. They can appear perpetually sullen and immersed in emotional thought, giving the impression there's much more going on beneath the surface. This type of Five can easily be mistaken for a Four, though their range of expression is constricted. Curious about others though usually from afar, it's as if they're reserving themselves for the one element or person that would truly understand them. Despite intensity of desire, the sx instinct has difficulty asserting against the fearful inhibitions of the Five, along with the restrictive self pres close to the surface. They usually wait to be approached, but others should find them intriguing enough to initiate contact.

    5w4 sx/so "Revolution" contributed by jase
    The most creatively energized and outspoken of Fives, they conceive of outlandish and idealistic alternatives to a reality they find deeply unfulfilling for the most part, and like to exhibit these radical visions, possibly through an art form if not through direct advocacy. Many sx/soc 5w4's are responsible for revolutionizing their creative fields, for better or worse. They aren't always comfortable in the visionary roles they might find themselves in, and may escape to extended periods of withdrawal to regain a sense of independence and security. This kind of retreat can surprise those who have mistaken them for a more conventionally driven, extroverted personality.

    5w4 so/sx Consultant courtesy of jase
    Take the supreme intellectual arrogance of the social Five and give it a personalized, one to one touch, and you get your very own personal expert wannabe.

    5w6 sp/sx contributed by jase
    is the most private of Fives, not as emotionally detached but more socially oblivious. They would likely find their niche within a stable, low maintenance relationship, in a safe environment where they're insulated from the demands of others. They have an endearing quality uncommon to other Fives, so I see this type as more heavily Six winged.

    5w6 sp/so "The Engineer". contributed by jase
    Probably the furthest removed of all types from their own emotional life. The most practical minded and hardest working of Fives, prefer to work with complex physical systems over mere theory. In some ways this might be the purest version of Five.

    5w6 so/sp "The Scientist" contributed by jase
    the most hyper intellectual of all types, they value pure rational thought above all else. The most theoretical of Fives, not as hands-on experimental as the tinkering sp/soc 5w6, they seek to advance theory over technology. This may be the most recognized "face" associated with type Five, as seen in movies such as "A Beautiful Mind."

    5w6 so/sx "The Goofball" contributed by jase
    think of the main characters from "Revenge of the Nerds", a bunch of highly social, highly sexualized, irresponsible self pres lasters goofing off, at least that's how I remember it. This is probably the most Sevenish and outwardly humorous kind of Five, they value being smart but also want to be cool. I imagine several classic comedic performers were soc/sx 5w6.

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