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    Hello, just lurking there
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    Haha, what a random character from Star Wars Phantom Menace to come crashing the envelope and beast summoning the gungan armada with juggling and party tricks of demon spoon feeding transformative frenzy!!

    Sorry, I was just speculating about JarJar's foolishness.

    Good to have you here.
    France just beat Gibraltar 14-0 today 11/18/2023 with Mbappe scoring at 30, 74, and 82 like 374 Wes from Pokemon Colosseum and 28 Sandslash, so Raptor Wes is the greatest player ever, and mastered the system in Pokemon episode 140 Wired for Battle at 493 Arceus level, jewels of prime time oasis dreams crystallizing clusters of groves to wings stargazing zithers of light and magic to souls of galaxies sky-walking fringes of dragon healers unveiling the will of the world
    When Germany won 7-1 in 2014 with goals at Lugia minutes and year 249 and Oscar Nascour scored, it was just like France's 14-0 game.
    Both Inter Milan and France finishing 2nd place was the prophecy
    In the epic battle of Einstein vs Newton, Einstein won, jamming crazy caterpillar volt tackles and amulets of gripping poisons apple frenzy charting extravagant maps!!
    Raptor transcended George Lucas by beating Isaac Newton
    Raptor married Rainbows

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