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    It occurred to me some of you might have come across this book/ theory by Thomas Harris. Nothing new, in fact it's been around for decades, but I'm doing some inward-looking and (hopefully) personal growth, and someone recommended this book to me.
    Anyone here read it and/or has any feedback or comments about it? What do you think, would you recommend it?

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    Hi @Delilah ! I learned about this at Starr. I found it kind of hypocritical cuz the people who were advocating it very much had a 'I'm okay- you're not okay' mentality lol.

    I think yeah simplistically in theory- it works. But humans naturally judge each other on our values, lifestyles, opinions and morals etc. So it's not something we actually practice much in reality even though 'we should.' It kinda relates to a non-dual form of religion or spirituality/self-help. If there is nothing intrinsically 'wrong' with yourself or others- then we can in theory work together more and get along better.

    Except look around the world and actually see. There is hatred, bullying, abuse of all kinds, cruelty, misunderstandings, self-righteousness- etc. I would say 'crime' too but being a criminal often means you just did something to piss of an unfeeling- inhumane TE document. Being non-criminal doesn't always neatly align with 'morals' in the way society wants it to. Obviously there are people who would be considered 'criminals' that are actually good people (or at least 'not that bad') and people who 'fight criminals' that are actually the monsters.

    Maybe there are all these problems cuz we all forgot to say 'I'm okay- and you're okay' but I think maybe more realistically- there's all these problems because the true nature of the world is 'I'm not okay- and you're not okay either.' ((in a religious/spiritual sense it's the concept that we're all filthy sinners- in an atheist/modern psychology sense it's our jungian 'Shadow.')) But it's also okay to not be okay. The true nature of reality is probably that I'm not okay, and nobody else is either- but by going through this process we can maybe arrive at a more 'okay' place.
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