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Thread: Hey, Cognitive Styles and ITR

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    Default Hey, Cognitive Styles and ITR

    How does it work? Any ideas that aren't dumb?

    If true, all duals should be vortical/holographic or casual determinist/dialectical-algorithmic.

    I didn't map all the intertype stuff to this, but yeah.

    So what do you think?

    I personally figured that the best relationship would be between dialectical and holographic, as switch case is given instructions from a code maker, but now I recognize that it's better for the formal logic man to read computer code, and switch case to deal with random actions.

    The reason is simple, code is organized, and switch case likes to jump between instructions. Switch case likes to respond, and chaos seems to give random instructions. This would give switch case opportunity to be flexible, as it can develope rules to deal with the chaos of the vortex.

    Formal logic liking code is obvious. Vortex causes errors with formal logic, and switch case doesn't activate formal logic, and vice versa.

    Vortex probably confuses code.

    I'll explain my names.

    Vortex is Vortical Synergistic. It's named chaos as well, because it's chaos.

    Code is Dialectical Algorithmic, because they think in terms of if then statements, which forms linear code like programs.

    Holographic Panoramic is Switch case, because they swap between options like switch case in programming. That's basically where you have a case, and as that changes, your behavior changes.

    Finally, Formal logic is the casual determinist. They're I am doing because. If I tell them it's a good idea to do it, they'll do it because it's a good idea. See how it flows? Perfect. Synergy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alomoes View Post
    How does it work?
    it should not
    it's rare when ideas which are based on nothing are correct

    and it's not Socionics to discuss outside of viewpoints section
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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    i don't think it really works that perfectly tbh, with these thinking styles.
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    My take:
    Causal-Determinist -> Machine learning
    Dialectical-Algorithmic -> Functional programming
    Holographical-Panoramic -> Finite-state machine
    Vortical-Synergetic -> Evolutionary computation

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