I noticed that when Iím in school Iím usually more tired/distracted or something, but for some reason, in math class, Iím not as tired and...I actually feel more energized after doing math? Most of the other people in my class are asleep so I really donít think this is normal.

Also if you try to google it you find a billion results about ďdyscalculiaĒ ďmath and mental fatigueĒ ďmath makes me want to dieĒ so I know this probably isnít a common thing but Iím curious about if maybe itís a or LII thing.

Usually Iím the first one done with a math test and I can understand these things pretty well, and Iíve always kind of had my own little ways of working with numbers that I (try to) explain to people.
Maybe itís some sort of intellectual stimulation thing that my autism and my Ti and Ne really like, but does anyone else, regardless of type, feel more awake/focused/energized/etc. after doing math/programming/etc? Programming seems to be a thing that it happens with, and Iím into programming too, but does this happen very often with just math?

Maybe my personality type is ďliteral fucking robotĒ

wait no

literal fucking robot

literal robot

there, thatís better