Lately, I been thinking about the past and how I view people who I like and care about very much. At first, I have this idealistic view of them. I only see their positive traits and their potential in human greatness. That's like the first few months of interaction and getting to know each other. Then, they begin to show their negative traits and I begin to take real notice of them and take offense and get mad. I cannot accept some things like teasing jokes that wound my pride or stupid mistakes or comments that they make. So then I begin to question our relation. In the end, I let go of the idealistic image I had of them and just accept their flaws. I can list every one of them in my mind and it'd still annoy me but pretty much, I loosen up more and once again go back with the flow. Of course, this doesn't happen all the time. Just with some people, probably the ones I'm closest too or care most about or am most insecure with. The relations that are questionable I think. While things are easier since letting go of them idealistically, the feelings toward them are also loosened like I don't hold them to expectations anymore. I don't know if I care less or it's just natural and more real. With guys in the beginning, I'd be obsessive but after the phrase, I'd be all mellow and not as focused on them or concerned because it's not longer directly tied to me. But that's with guys. I never really tie myself to girls. Is this INFP? Related to some sort of function? Or just me.