Zhukov (ESTP)

Marshal is terminal (sensory)
(Napadayushchiy - from the Eng. forward)

Sharp, demonstrative, attacking style of behavior. It is expressive, expansive to the aggressiveness. It oshchushchayet well itself in the emergency and emergencies, sharply it is included in conflicts, it can press in order to rapidly introduce order. If it occurs not in the matters, it can provoke conflict in order to then take initiative in its hands. Emotional and sociable, will go around by the attention not of one person of opposite floor. Women also display initiative in the acquaintances with the men, it is sinewy, mobile, frequently thin, has well developed taste, epicure. In the mode it approaches refinement and prestige.

Say an estp is out of control with anger and hatred, picking fights with everyone for some attention and recognition. Say he lost touch with reality and is floating about what he believes should be reality. Can't someone help him? What if a small part of it is directed at you?