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Thread: can socionics types change?

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    Default can socionics types change?

    question from a newbie.
    Model A seems not indicate how one's personality formed(while John Beebe does).
    so is there any possibility that types can be acquired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisogiinApril View Post
    while John Beebe does
    If that John has _objective proof_ for his idea - then it's good. In other case - does not matter.

    > so is there any possibility that types can be acquired?

    It's possibly to change some of a behavior to the side of other type, but Jung type is about what kind of info dominates in your mind.
    There are no theories in Socionics about the possibility for Jung types to be changed during a life. While there is to think that a type often is identified with a mistake to explain a wish such theories to exist. Jung said that saw cases of changed types, but it's doubtful and Jung mistyped even himself.

    There is close case about body. A predisposition to have left or right hand as most developed and skilled. In natural situations people develop the most a hand according to inborn predisposition, including genes. And it's also known that people can be studed to rely more on other hand and such to behave same as those which had it as main from the born.
    If weak functions may be developed alike hands may - then it's possibly to assume a possibility to change types. But it's not clear and not known how hard it can be and what is needed for this. Rather muddy possibility. Cases are doubtful to exist without special training or extremely rare life conditions.
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    Oh,what I mean is exactly whether socionics types can be changed.Personally I am also a proponent of the opinion that Jung type can't be altered.They are two different systems,right?

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    your socionics type stays the same throughout your life. it's the core of your personality, the main focus on how you perceive reality. it is not known yet whether your type gets formed before you are born, or if the type crystalizes itself in the first 2-3 years of your life. I personally believe the former, that it's thh result of your genetics, a type of your parents or grandparents or even distant relatives, but it's hard to really give a definite answer here, genetics are somewhat of a lottery.

    what can change are subtypes and functional accentuations. depending on your enviroment, you might focus on functions that are not naturally your strenghts. if you grow up in a competitive enviroment where resources are scarce, you might focus more on the function Se, if you grow up in a family of actors, you might develop Fe, if you work in humanitarian fields, you might develop Fi, if you grow up in a family with a scientific background, you might focus on Ti or Te and so on. your DCNH subtype will somewhat determine what fields you will be interested in, but sometimes we are in life circumstances that don't give us much of a choice.
    the majority of people who browse this site are IEI. intuition of time is the function that is interested in the psychological state of human beings. typology is a field dominated by INxx, especially IEI.

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