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Thread: New personality theory based on genders that I invented

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    Default New personality theory based on genders that I invented

    It goes like this: there are three levels of auto-image (barring the physical embodiment) where you can have one out of four options; man, boy, woman, or girl (there is also lass and lad, but for the purposes of this thread they will be treated as woman and man, since they are simply a variation (or sort of an adolescent Man or Woman)).

    So there are three positions; the first position is your external autoimage, the second position your internal auto-image, and the third position your deep auto-image (might be unbeknownst to the holder).

    [ External Identity - Internal Identity - True Identity ]
    So for example, a person can be a Man externally (or this person thinks they appear as a Man) , a Woman internally (they really think themselves a Woman) and deeply, they are in reality a Boy. So that would be Man-Woman-Boy (Combined Gender Identity).

    People can be typed using this system and VI can be used.
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