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Thread: Ability to remember every second of your life

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    Default Ability to remember every second of your life

    Here is something quite interesting, and light, after the not-light stuff I just posted. This is for people interested in fascinating things about people.

    "Imagine being able to remember every second of your life" This is a Sixty Minutes production (a popular TV program in the USA).

    I have read some biographies on Pope John Paul II, and though this is never said by any of those authors, or anyone else I heard of, I think JPII had the unusual ability explained in this video. Because he could remember every person he ever met, their names, and the context of when they met, even if they said little and met only briefly, decades before. Which is unexplainable, other than this rare ability (or a supernatural gift of God), since one can easily argue that there was no one who ever lived on earth that met more people than JPII. An extremely useful gift for his vocation, especially how he chose to live his vocation, circling the earth to meet everyone, all the time. Also helpful for an actress, and, well, most of us. In this video, we can see that Marilu Henner is quite well-acclimated to her gift, while another woman with it clearly feels the burden (which seems a very normal thing to feel!).

    "A man with a definite belief always appears bizarre, because he does not change with the world; he has climbed into a fixed star, and the earth whizzes below him like a zoetrope."
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    "Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the Church, is often labeled today as fundamentalism... Whereas relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and swept along
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    attitude acceptable to today's standards."
    - Pope Benedict the XVI, "The Dictatorship of Relativism"


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    That is really amazing. Huh. People's brains are fascinating.

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