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Thread: LSI-Ti politicians and their limitations on civil liberties and retardation of economic progress

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    Default LSI-Ti politicians and their limitations on civil liberties and retardation of economic progress

    I admire them for the fact that they have some social skills, but they tend to be the most emotional, illogical, bone-headed, detached from reality which includes being realistically open to possibilities when they're politicians. They'll increase taxes or institute price controls to cover a budget deficit and their systems and social policies almost always result in net loss among the governed people. They and the LSE are the most mediocre and close minded as politicians. In fact, the LSI-Ti is even worse because the LSE at least generally hate higher taxes for anyone and LSE aren't anywhere near as rigid and bad about limiting civil liberties; LSI-Ti have no qualms with just taking what's there and preserve it as much as they possibly can.

    Some LSI-Se politicians have original ideas and understand peoples' needs a little bit better even if they don't always act on them, but the LSI-Ti prefers to preserve the status quo or even strengthen it more than any other type does. Their views of morality are warped and they don't even take into consideration that maybe no system is best, because it might not be beneficial to the people who are governed by them. They don't make any effort to think outside the box or to let people have freedom outside the box, to go the extra mile to get totally new and unusual options that are realistically based on differences in human psychology or behavior.

    They're so dumb as politicians and it's like it never occurs to them that people don't want them to be president. Hillary Clinton was just so stupid. Well, of such average intelligence and still smarter than me; she was so mediocre, but still Obama was way smarter than she was and Donald Trump was smarter than hillary clinton earlier in his life.

    EIE politicians are usually a lot less mediocre although not to the level LSI-Ti are. Some EIE politicians are pretty bad though, I'd say they're about a 40% while LSI-Ti politicians are about 10%. Politicians with Holographic Panoramic cognitive style are usually the most understanding of how people and systems work, and the least harmful. LSI-Ti just retard everything and Dialectical Algorithmic poliiticians tend to regress towards the mean, some of them get half of it, they're usually not mass murderers, but if they are then that more than cancels out the goodness of their new changes. Problem is, none of the Dialectical Algorithmic types have static perception which is generally necessary in politicians when it comes to allowing individuals to change things. LSI-Ti is the only static type that's the exception.

    I don't like Donald Trump, but there were some things he did and especially his inactions on many things that were beneficial to the country he was constitutionally elected to serve. His inactions were not very ordinary among the 7 people who have been President since I've been alive.

    Was what I just said stupid? Why?
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    Obama is EIE by the way same goes for Emmanuel Macron.

    e_e not sure what LSI politicians you refer to. Hillary isn't LSI.. she is? She don't seem like ISTP material to me.. ESTJ more lie it, more like Dolores Umbridge..ok.

    LSI politicians known:

    Vladimir Putin
    Xi Jinping
    Bill Clinton
    Margret Thatcher
    Nursultan Nazarbaev
    Dmitri Medvedev
    Vitali Kliciko
    Viktor Yushchenko
    Mykola Azarov
    Leonid Kuchma

    I hear Elon Musk will run for president or something so maybe soon Elon Musk LSI for prez.

    Politicians aren't proper statesmen tho and democracy is trash for weak minded fools who still believe in that nonsense. >3 ..srsly, look at effing Trump SEE ^^' kek ppl believe in a system that got that fool elected. Nuff said. Now look at Biden, some senile old geriatric got elected.. really? Stupidest shit ever.
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