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    This entire concept of Religion being "just" a crutch is so preposterous and really under represents the entire phenomena altogether.

    Its like the most passively arrogant and misinformed things a person could even say on the topic. Its like the assessment from a small child.

    I swear to God eat an entire bag of magic mushrooms and you won't be so sure anymore of anything. Even if there is no God, there is still a lot going on under the surface and its pretty silly to say that you know the answers here. I think the same way of a person like Richard Dawkins. Its like there still is no proof of abiogensisis, nor even actual speciation beyond micro changes. I mean you can build as many logical projections on your computer as you want, we still can't see evolution in real time, even bacteria revert back to original states after the pressure is removed. Things don't get more sophisticated because they mutated if those mutations had no purpose in the intermediate steps getting there.

    I know it sounds irresponsible to suggest people eat a hallucinogenic fungus, but it seriously is necessary to even understand what taking your sandals off before a burning bush even mean in real time, "for you". Not as some intellectual masturbatory session of one idea versus another.

    Even if there was no God and organized religion is like some massive historical cultural psychosis systemic mechanism of establishment control, it still has to be pointing at something fundamental for people and saying "its people's need to have a higher authority power" or other such bargain basement college philosophy class explanation you can come up with, is pretty pathetic and barely scratches the surface of "what is going on".

    I think people of this type of thinking are kind of like immature, like small children. Its like the opposite of the Santa Claus delusion, its like the new belief in the Void of which our scientific apparatus will eventually unwind the entire clock work for, all while assuming that the measure of all things is man anyway. Its like no wonder China will win someday. Nothing being sacred means nothing is treated as sacred (but not actually because the ideal of nothingness and biological imperative is held up as the supreme truth). Its like since when did science even prove there was no God? LOL, watch you epsitomology in the first place.
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