So I only stumbled across socionics recently, and I'm not very familiar with the system or the rules. Previously, I was very confident that I was an mbti INFP e4w5. However, I've taken a few socionics tests so far and I get INTx (usually LII) every time. After cursory reading, I definitely relate more strongly to the descriptions of LII than to those of the other introverted intuitive types.

Hence my confusion - is it possible for an INFP to be an LII? My understanding is that the two systems are pretty different, and MBTI Fi and socionics Fi don't seem to line up exactly. Or, is it more likely that I have either my MBTI or my socionics type wrong? I've noticed that the validity of online tests seems to be suspect in this community, so how strong is the possibility that I'm not actually an LII?

Thanks for whatever insight you can provide!