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In my sample size of 5, 2 ESE guys and 3 EIE guys all of them were gay. Like really obviously so. And they dated other dudes lol. So by inductive reasoning I will assume all Fe lead men are gay until proven otherwise.
I think the problem is that the straight ESE men act like LSE and the straight EIE men act like LIE. So I don't notice them as easily. I'll stop making assumptions from now on...

Okay I've thought about it some more and I recalled an ESE-Si guy who was definitely straight. But he gave me LSE or even SLE vibes. But looking back he took an active role in managing the emotional atmosphere, making sure the weird new kid (me) wasn't left out, and also he did things like open the windows in the class when it was getting hot or the air was getting stuffy which is a behaviour I associate with Si types lol.
LOL I know what you mean by Fe acting gay cuz it's ultra dramatic and cares about maintaining the emotional atmosphere esp. when in lead function. That's literally all the contestants on Rupaul's Drag Race, including Rupaul as EIE.