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Thread: A Less Attractive Feature of Empathy: Intergroup Empathy Bias

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    Default A Less Attractive Feature of Empathy: Intergroup Empathy Bias

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    "revelations" about the existence of conformism and "group thinking"
    While a lack of an empathy predisposes to worse understanding of people and to redundant skepticism.
    To the usage of methods lesser taking into account emotions of people what may lead to worse practical results.

    The problem is not in an empathy or emotions. But when people allow emotions be above the thinking, while those should be equal.
    When you want to be pleasant to those with you you have emotional link, you also should not close eyes on the logical truth, to set emotions above the truth, to allow be critical and disagree despite that can be not pleasant to some degree. As a care about other human is not limited by his emotions, not lesser and equally important is to understand the reality correctly to deal with it in better ways.
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