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Thread: Humanitarian socionics: planes of communication: physio, intellectual, psycho, social

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    Default Humanitarian socionics: planes of communication: physio, intellectual, psycho, social

    Humanitarian socionics video. Goes over the PIPS planes mentioned in Gulenko's socionics book with "64" in the title: physiological, intellectual, psychological, social.
    The video was recorded Sunday January 17th.
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    Any new theory which has no experimental proof, besides written by Jung and Augustinavichiute - is not Socionics.
    It's especially the problem to novices which become misleaded about what Socionics is and what theory deserves the attention.

    About another misleading. Your profile: "TIM LII ie TiNx". In Socionics LII is Ti-Ne, not Nx. Also you are represented in the clip as BenINTP. LII is INTJ, but not INTP. You may look in Gulenko's dichotomy tests and to see there identical rationality/irrationality dichotomy to J/P what is used in MBTI test. May look dichotomies theory in other Socionics texts - there will be the same. If you have base rational function as T - you can't to have irrational type as P, same as if you have base extraverted function - your type is not introverted.

    English talkers by such actions get a misleading mess about Socionics. Then they use that mess and get bad results to be disappointed in Socionics. While what is Socionics indeed they may even don't know.
    "1.57K subscribers" - it's after 7 years.
    If to tell normal Socionics theory (its core part, at least) and the truth about MBTI texts mistakes, - mb the channel will get higher attention. As it may bring more use by more correct info.


    "Carl Jung on his own psychological type (TiNx ie INTP ≈ Socionics LII)"
    Jung had ILI/INTP. LII has base Ti. Try to find good stucture in Jung texts - it's a mess in most of his "Psychological Types" book. There was published even book's edition without chapters before 10 - as it's a water with small useful info about types. Then compare this with Gulenko's texts approach - who may to have LII indeed.
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