I bought the Street Fighter Anniversary during the after Xmas sale and now really obsessed with the game and the various characters and their backstories.

Ryu LSI-C (he’s also Evil Ryu)

Ken SEE-D (he wanted to challenge Ryu but saw Ryu lost his way by being a Evil Ryu and instead of fighting he chose to save his friend, retired from fighting because he married and became a father, later on went back into fighting and trained with his son)

Chun-Li ESI-N (law officer and devoted to avenging her father’s death, she’s like a Beatrice Kiddo)

M. Bison SLE-D (supervised by Chun-Li, he’s like a Vicious)

Cammy SLE-C

E. Honda ESE

Guile LSE

Vega EIE

Elena SEE-H (likes making friends with her opponents)

Dhalsim SEI

Zangief SLE (believes in crushing opponents with sheer power)

Sakura EIE (totally worships Ryu and copied his moves)

Karin ESE (kindred rivalry with Sakura)

Blanka LSE