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Thread: Is my mom guilt tripping herself Enneagram-related?

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    Default Is my mom guilt tripping herself Enneagram-related?

    Yesterday I learned from my dad (who's actually pretty darn observant of these patterns) that my mom has an unhealthy habit of putting on herself the blame. "Am I a good mother?" "If I had quit my job to teach her (me) she could've been better..." "it's my fault" "this is basic human decency..." All her motivation is derived from guilt-tripping herself.

    I don't get it. She stresses herself to the point of self torture. She's doing well in her career and contributing to society, and I think she works far harder than her coworkers, depriving herself of sleep or rest. She forces herself to accompany brother to sleep even though she is going to work even after that. Why?

    I also noticed that she gives off massive 1 vibes. Don't think she notices it herself. (she knows about Enneagram) Is this linked or no?

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