I do think that a lot of them will be interested, but there will be differences in what kind of fictional world they will build.

Just to share, my brother seems to be so engrossed in playing a city-building game for many months now (he works on it every weekend and after work, he's that obsessed with it). He only has one city he is trying to improve over and over, the city is very realistic, it is based on an actual city I think and on that game he works on the improvements he wants to see in real life. He would even make sure that what he does on that imaginary city would be efficient and realistic in real life, specially the transportation. Not sure what his type is but I'm sure he has strong Te and Si. I think he really would want to be really involved in society given the chance and help in city planning and policies.

I had an (alpha NT?) student who is into a similar game too, he keeps on building places similar to what he did previously, delete it and make a new one. According to him he likes it as a hobby because it's just doing the name thing over and over, I guess it keeps him sane. Once he finishes the "template" city, he'll just add some random wild building or something then put the city into chaos. Then try a variation of the same thing to find out the result. The outcomes would be funny, and he'll spend the time just laughing at it. The city is not based in reality at all, and too experimental.

I have a hunch that EIIs would be interested in worldbuilding too but their medium would be through writing.