Hi, I would like to invite to my type diagnostics everyone who does not know their type or not sure about it. As well as those who believes that he was mistyped.
Diagnostics is confidential, partly confidential or not - you decide yourself. Because the diagnostics takes some time, you may have to wait a bit until I get free to look with you into your type. I would welcome reviews of my diagnostics.

Would you like to identify your personality type by using professional help and guidance? Would you be interested to find your personality type for sure and do not have any doubts about it? Would you like to take an active part exploring your type?
There are many different approaches to personality type identification. Associative Method of Type Diagnostics surpasses all existing methods. Why is that?
1. A client centred approach to type identification is used, where the client takes an active role in decision making process.
2. Research materials are less biased as they include nonverbal preferences in music and art.
3. The questionnaire, designed for self-recording, as well as associative tests and type -subtype analyser are used to achieve a more objective result. These tools facilitate understanding of the type for both: the consultant and the client.
4. Diagnostics is not limited in time and is carried out online. The process of realising the personality type takes as long as the client needs.
5. Affordable price: 20 pounds.
If you have a wish to undergo associative psycho-diagnostics, please, contact Olga Tangemann: olgatangmann1965@gmail.com, olgatangmann@gmail.com
The consultation is carried out remotely by email or facebook or other chat forums. Payment via paypal.