I think there is this genuine affection & empathy with beneficiary and benefactor relationships that I really like. At least in my own experiences there is. I genuinely like ESIs and LIIs, and LIIs and ESIs genuinely like me and it's really nice cuz there is a lot of cruelty in the world and it's refreshing sometimes to experience simple kindness and affection. I'm not sure.... you can 'do' anything with this affection per se like in a real tangible way lol but it's nice. I've also noticed in real life, I feel like I can approach ESI a bit easier even tho I'm shy withdrawn & victim-y- like they very organically help me be more confident and outgoing.

I mean I get the 'dark side' too. I think sadly you can't help but come across like you feel like you're better than your beneficiary because of the logical placement of the functions. But it's like I get that they don't do it 'on purpose' it is all deeply psychological stuff- so I usually don't get pissed at ESIs when they act uppity.

This is how ESI-IEI-LII beneficiary ring feels to me. I'm sure it might feel different for other rings, or other IEIs will have very different experiences with their ESI-IEI-LII rings. What do you feel about your benefactor-beneficiary ring? Maybe it's not as positive as mine, or more positive or... idk, share your thoughts.