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    Default Prophecies for these times now

    Big changes are ahead and it won't be comfortable. Below are some excerpts from a reliable trustworthy mystic. This is Anne: I like that she is not yet a saint, but a regular person. She was anonymous as possible at first but now her kids are older and the cat is out of the bag and she has videos and speaking engagements; we all know who she is. She did not have a perfect past and wasn't perfect when Jesus started speaking to her everyday. I like discovering in Volume 1, where she shows us through her experiences how to walk with Jesus and listen to him, which she does quite imperfectly, she is still smoking and swearing! Its been awhile and she must be done wit that now but it helps that she is a regular person, a work in progress like the rest of us.

    Direction for our Times publishes her books, including her visions of Heaven and her visions of Purgatory. She has ten volumes, which I excerpt from here, and a bunch of booklets on really useful topics, that are on that same page linked at the bottom of this page.

    Excerpts are below. The numbers are the page number in the Volume. The date is the date she had the vision or she heard the locution form Jesus, which she wrote as he spoke. Jesus's words are in bold itallics, Anne's in regular.

    The events of this time signal the end of this era. A new era will come. Here Jesus gives some reasons why this era has to come to an end.

    From Volume 8:

    May 25, 2004

    Our God is prepared to act in order to cleanse the
    world. He would be justified in destroying the
    world, such is the level of rebellion against Him.
    Because of His great love for us, He cannot bear to
    do that, but He is allowing change and the angels
    prepare to act. Jesus says that in times past, even as
    near as the first half of the twentieth century, souls
    were generally obedient. This is not so anymore.
    During this time, souls are generally disobedient.

    May 26, 2004
    Jesus showed me His deep disappointment at the
    sight of many of today’s mothers. He gave me a
    glimpse of the heart of a mother who was heedless
    to the needs of her children and overly concerned
    with things of this world and of her appearance, as
    in physical appearance. This was disturbing. Jesus
    told me that this mother, who is representative of
    many, lacks love for her children and loves herself.
    He indicated her heart, which was like a cracked
    stone with small serpents moving through the
    cracks. I hate serpents and this vision was very
    unpleasant. The serpents represented pride, avarice,
    jealousy or envy, hatred, etc. Jesus was greatly
    disappointed as He showed me the children who are
    emotionally abandoned and receiving indifference
    when they are in need of and entitled to warmth and
    love. I felt revulsion at the sight of this woman, but
    again, she was representative of many modern
    women. I must say that on the outside this woman
    was quite beautiful.

    While this woman was repulsing me, Jesus moved
    on to show His opinion or experience of many
    modern men. He said they ignore their own
    spiritual duties and often completely abandon any
    formation of their children. He indicated great sins
    of the sexual nature, some with complicit partners,
    but also many assaults on innocent victims.
    Jesus told me He is with every innocent victim,
    always. He said He hears every cry and each act

    will have to be atoned for. Jesus is disgusted and
    repulsed by these sins, but does not turn His face
    away, because He must witness every act on earth.

    June 9, 2004
    In the immediate future we will see an even greater
    attack on purity. It will be directed at women and
    children as are all such attacks. The greatest attack
    on purity is seen in the sin of abortion. Jesus told
    me that the act of abortion is actually the devil’s
    rage unleashed in the greatest fashion. The devil so
    hates God and all that is good and holy that he has
    actually persuaded mankind to destroy developing

    I sensed Jesus suffering terribly and asked Him
    if I could be with Him to at least keep Him
    company and that is when He told me this. He said
    abortion is the devil’s greatest fury and a direct
    attack on God the Creator. Jesus suffered terribly
    for this sin during His Passion and said that
    abortion alone would be responsible for a terrible
    punishment on the world, one which He is allowing
    because of the sin of abortion. Jesus often steps in
    and prevents mankind from reaping the full price
    that is owed from sin, but in this case He will not
    mitigate. He said any work done to prevent or stop
    abortions would be greatly rewarded. He repeated
    that statement twice.

    June 10, 2004
    Jesus again spoke of abortion and how the sacred
    place of the womb belongs to God the Creator. He
    said that He has allowed many medical and
    scientific advances out of mercy and love for
    mankind, but some men, in cooperation with the
    enemy, who has secured their service through
    things like greed and pride, have exploited and
    desecrated these medical and scientific gifts. He
    said this is evident in that the enemy has pierced the
    sacredness of the womb to destroy the work of the
    Creator, and has attempted to become the creator by
    himself, in defiance to God, by creating members of
    humanity. Jesus said that the people responsible
    know that they are committing grave sin. He said
    He puts holy men and women in their paths to warn
    them, but some continue down this path of terrible
    disobedience. Jesus said that many men and women
    have desisted from these activities because their
    consciences have warned them that their behaviors
    were sinful. These people will receive great
    forgiveness and reward in heaven, particularly those
    who then repent and speak out against these actions.
    Jesus then began to talk about how mankind is so
    arrogant that he thinks God cannot take all of these
    advances away. He can, of course, and He said that
    He intends to do just that, but only for a short time.
    He said that He is too merciful to permanently
    destroy our ability to assist earthly souls with the
    fields of medicine and science.

    Jesus showed me that another thing causing Him
    great sadness today is loneliness in families. He

    “Look. These children have no one to
    play with because the siblings I willed for
    them have been rejected by their parents.
    Selfish generation. They fear that
    additional children will impede their
    entertainment. The elderly are also a
    burden because, despite the fact that these
    same souls have limited their number of
    children, they still have not gained
    sufficient entertainment time so they must
    also leave the care of their elderly parents
    to others, even in situations where they
    could care for them themselves. Both their
    children and their parents experience loss
    in this situation. I feel only sadness at this.”

    Jesus also said that time hung heavily on these
    souls because they are not involved in heavenly
    activities. He told me that no entertainment will be
    enough to satisfy these people. We must pray for
    them because they are chasing nothings. Jesus is
    pleased by selflessness and said that people should
    experience great entertainment in each other,
    meaning in their families and with their loved ones.
    This time with loved ones is not supposed to be
    such a burden as it is treated today.

    June 14, 2004
    Jesus allowed me to see that He is sad. He grows
    weary with this world and with the constant
    disregard for His presence in and dominion over
    this world. Where there was once general love,
    there is general hatred. Jesus again allowed me to
    glimpse the wrath He has for those who destroy
    innocence. Initially, He made reference to children
    who have been molested. His wrath at offenders in
    this area of sin is going to be fearsome. I do not
    know how to convey in words the gravity of this.
    He said they should REPENT. This is a most
    serious situation for these offenders. He said they
    would do better to do violence to themselves than to
    assault a child. He also said something else about
    this. He said that at this time He is releasing a
    torrent of graces for the healing of the souls of
    children and adults who have been molested in this
    way. As never before, He will grant peace to
    victims of this type of crime against innocence.
    Victims themselves can ask for these graces and
    those who know people who have been hurt in this
    way can secure these graces. Please ask Jesus for
    these graces because they are available.

    June 30, 2004
    I don’t know what to say about today’s experience
    except that I was filled with a terrible feeling, which
    Jesus identified as the revulsion He feels when He
    is confronted by some sins. Today’s was dreadful
    and even now I am having trouble shaking it off.


    What you feel is the revulsion I experience
    when priests who are arrogantly rebellious
    receive Me in the Eucharist. They are filled
    with sins of the flesh and delight in the
    paradox of presiding over the Great
    Sacrifice with blatant disrespect and
    insincerity. This is the ultimate in
    rebellion and I, Jesus Christ, experience
    this every day. You had great difficulty
    disengaging yourself, Anne, such is the
    dreadful filth of this experience. You said,
    “Lord, how on earth will I record this?” I
    dictate to you for that reason. Some things
    need not be recorded on earth but be
    assured, each act is recorded in heaven
    and recorded in My heart.

    After a short period of the greatest difficulty, I am
    at peace.

    July 9, 2004
    Jesus is prepared and determined to begin this
    process of cleansing. He drew attention to the
    reference made to children who have never been
    exposed to goodness. He said there are many cases
    where even mothers school their children in evil
    ways from the time they are young. They do not
    apologize for, feel remorse about, or seek to amend
    their behavior in any way. These children have
    difficulty understanding goodness later and equate
    goodness with foolishness and stupidity. This is
    what they are taught. What struck me, and what
    Jesus was trying to convey to me, is the disregard
    the mother had for the fact that she was corrupting
    her child. This was a bad thing.

    Jesus again made reference to the slaughter of
    abortions. He said when chastisements befall the
    earth, evil people who are choosing darkness move
    from ridiculing God and mocking Him to cursing
    Him. They say, in effect, “Look how cold and
    hateful God is to allow this to happen.”


    In response I would like to say that at least
    I have given these souls a chance to live
    and an opportunity to make their decision
    to serve heaven or not to serve heaven,
    unlike current humanity, who slaughters
    the innocents before they are even fully

    formed. Who is the evil doer, I ask you? You
    will have these answers, Anne, because I
    am placing them in your heart. The
    slaughtered souls do not suffer in their
    eternity, in response to your unasked
    question. They are given opportunities to
    earn holiness here with Me. I am all
    justice. It is your world who suffers
    because these individuals had purposes.
    Your humanity rejected their brothers and
    sisters, refusing to make room for them in
    their selfishness. Woe to you, selfish ones. I
    am returning.


    July 12, 2004
    Today Jesus brought me to Him and showed me a
    young boy, maybe eight or nine years old. The boy
    was in his room playing a video game on his bed.
    Jesus said that many parents are not home and if
    they are at home they are often unavailable to their
    children. Our Lord said that this boy was destined
    to be a great follower and do very big things for the
    Kingdom, but he was being given no formation.
    Because of this lack of formation, he would not be
    able to answer the call. He doesn’t even know to
    listen for a call. Jesus said there are thousands like
    him. Jesus said that He wants this boy to be laying
    in his bed considering infinity and his possible role
    in infinity. He said that were the boy given the
    proper formation and knowledge and example, this
    child would grow to impact the world in a powerful


    As it is, Anne, he is being prepared to
    make money. This is a waste of My great
    gifts. Anne, his mother should be working
    quietly around the house, filling this child
    with the security he needs to be at peace
    and to consider his role in the universe.
    Alas, his mother is not at home. Someone
    who has little interest in him is caring for
    him and he knows it. His father now
    should quietly pass his room, and seeing

    his son daydreaming, should sit down
    with him and listen to his son’s questions
    and intellectual stretches. His father is
    not at home to do this, though, because he
    is entertaining himself. Anne, My heart is
    so heavy at this waste of the Kingdom’s
    greatest gifts. Your heart becomes heavy
    with Mine because you love Me and
    because you grieve for this boy’s
    loneliness. You have asked how you can
    help this boy. I tell you that you can
    quickly complete the editing of Volume
    Six. Through it I will save many families,
    including this one. ANNE, I WANT MY
    (This was thundered at me.)
    Please, get to work.

    Obviously, I went home and finished the editing
    that night. I must sound very virtuous. I assure my
    reader that Our Lord had told me earlier it was a
    priority but I felt like I was in a haze for about a


    August 3, 2004
    Today Jesus showed me something brief but
    compelling. He showed me a woman in her kitchen.
    Her home was beautiful. She was obviously
    wealthy. She was well-dressed with great style and
    she moved efficiently through her kitchen preparing
    a meal for her family. I’m having trouble recording
    this and Jesus is prompting me, saying, “I showed
    you her face. What did you see?”
    Well, brothers and sisters, when He showed me her
    face, I was aware that she was very beautiful by the
    world’s standards. But I could not see that, really,
    because I was looking with the eyes of our Savior.
    What I saw with His heavenly eyes was dreadful. I
    was fearful of meeting her gaze as I would not want
    to have those eyes fixed on me. She was horrible.
    The heavenly vision experienced her face as a mass
    of small serpents. She is dreadfully ugly, despite
    her well-kept physical beauty. Her eyes are cold
    and dead. It was very unpleasant and I took little
    glances and hurriedly looked away.

    Jesus says, “She is a servant to the enemy.
    Her countenance revolts you because there
    is a complete absence of goodness. She
    knows I am here. She meets My gaze with
    audacious hatred. This woman is active
    in her community, volunteering for
    charitable causes. She is considered a
    good mother and attends a Christian

    church service every week. Anne, I realize
    this was unpleasant and I thank you for
    your willingness to share My view. I show
    you this to compare this woman’s face
    with the pure beauty of the dirt streaked
    and battered face of My beloved servant in
    captivity. Souls must learn to look with My
    eyes and they will not put such value on
    physical beauty. You should pray for this
    woman, of course. You do so each time you
    ask for the conversion of sinners.”

    August 5, 2004

    Jesus showed me the world from the hilltop. It
    moves along, turning. He said that during this time,
    because of the difficulty, He moves time faster or
    shortens the days so that we will move more
    quickly through these days. I was directed by a
    friend later to a reference in Matthew 24:22. “And
    if those days had not been shortened, no one would
    be saved; but for the sake of the elect they will be
    This is a mercy. Jesus said that during
    the darkness He will move time even more quickly
    and this is a great mercy indeed. Jesus talked about
    the great gifts that He gives souls and how He sends
    just the right things into the lives of young people
    and children so that the gifts He will want to use
    will be developed. He showed me how He had
    given me certain teachers and opportunities so that
    I would learn to write and speak with confidence.
    He said He was pleased when I began teaching
    because I remained consistent with what He
    wanted. It is a source of great satisfaction to God
    when this occurs.

    He also showed me examples of souls who had
    been given great gifts but who used them to further
    their own agendas with regard to power or worldly
    acclaim. This almost always resulted from
    temptation for personal gain which the enemy uses
    to lure souls into his service. This displeases God
    because the gifts come from Him, not the enemy,
    and they should be used for God and God’s desires,

    which always include helping others and furthering
    the Kingdom.


    Be assured, you will see Me act then. My
    graces will be withdrawn from the world
    and you will know that I have left the
    world to reap what they sow. Anne, this is
    a kindness. You do not want your children
    living in a world which is willing to
    accept debasement and exalt it as good.
    This world was not created to glorify evil,
    but to glorify good. I will not have this and
    this is the only merciful way to act. I am a
    God of mercy. A God of mercy moves to
    protect His children when they are
    threatened with eternal perdition. My
    holy souls will rest in My peace, even as
    their world changes. You must continue
    on your paths and leave everything to Me.
    Trust is your watchword, your constant. I
    will never abandon My own, but I will
    intervene in a rebellious world.

    I want to say that Jesus is not overly angry, but very
    serious, and very firm. He showed me the network
    of holy souls and a great deal of holiness seems to
    originate from the Blessed Mother. Her touch
    seems to go on and on, connecting souls whom she
    converts. I do not walk away with the feeling that
    anything dreadful is happening. Not at all. I feel

    very confident in Him, and I have the strongest
    sense that we are in the best and safest of hands. I
    am so grateful, really, that our Lord sits on His
    hillside and watches this world and each of us in it.
    I urge everyone to glance His way and offer Him a
    beautiful smile of love. He is really so filled with


    The volumes I excerpt from can be be read or downloaded for free here: free here: They are all available to read in 18 different languages, whether you buy them or read and/or print them for free.

    - To read, scroll down to the "Volumes" and click on the volume you want to read. (If you prefer a different languages, click above on "Free Library" to choose a language).
    - Prophetic Volumes: Volumes 5,7, and 8 are the prophetic ones that tell what to expect in these times, why thee times are happening and about the beautiful new era to come, that mankind prays for in the Lord's Prayer.
    - To buy these books to hold in your hand and read, they are on that site for $7 each, or you can get them cheaper on Amazon used and like new, or, if you want one but you are in a bad way and cannot buy it, write to Direction for our Times, and explain your situation. I don't doubt they will send you free what you ask for.
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