I have an obsessive compulsive need to predict the future, namely an obsessive compulsive need to predict who I'll end up with romantically in the future.
i doubt it's simply anxious preoccupied attachment as it has reach its extreme, and the more i try to fight it, the worse it becomes.
i also can not stand to not be able to talk to anyone for extended periods of time and do frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, especially after a fight. i realized the personality disorders i claimed i have in another thread i really dont have, after talking to my therapist, but my psychiatrist says i have "borderline like traits".
i was diagnosed with "mood disorder" which appears to be eclectic. my bad mood swings take over when i am having my compulsions, especially because i have no one to talk to irl and not excessively online about this. and it would only make it worse.
it has also affected women i have met, because i have obsessively pursued them, and then drew back, upon realizing it was only, a compulsion, usually after being accepted.
i obsessively analyze everything, from dream interpretation, to istikhara prayer (guidance prayer in islam), list writing of girls' qualities, etc.