The video below is 100% in accord with the book of Revelation concerning these times. It is a rock solid prophetic timeline of events on the immediate horizon. I feel most hopeful about The Warning (and the reprieve of the eye of the storm). There is also on their site a whole video on The Warning. Also, in times of chastisements (these coming are not God-made, but He is allowing us to, for a time, reap what we have sown), God has always provided supernatural refuges to protect His people. The flood- the ark. In these times, also, prophets tell us we will have an ark - The Ark of the Covenant, Mary. God will give her us as our supernatural refuge in the entire coming storm.

The Protestant understanding of rapture is wrong. We don't get to be zapped away, leaving all the trouble behind for the others. The only rapture, as the early church fathers clearly taught, will be on the last day of earth. And we have a long way to go before the last day, which domes after the very long coming Era of Peace, when the Kingdom of God truly reigns on earth and in the hearts of the people. Before the peace, comes the storm. This video is the timeline and the overview of that, thanks to scripture, to holy prophets and true servants of God.

So I am sharing my best here, with those who want.

"But these things I have told you, that when the hour shall come, you may remember that I told you of them." John 16:4

[If this video makes you afraid, see their video, on the same site, "Fear Not"]