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Thread: Logical extroverts less "extroverted" than ethical introverted?

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    Default Logical extroverts less "extroverted" than ethical introverts?


    I am currently learning more about socionics and VI by typing people I know IRL. Some of my acquaintances took the tests on and while others are just wild guesses on my part.

    The Cambridge Dictionnary defines extroversion as "the quality of being energetic and not shy, and enjoying being with other people".

    I found out that the majority of people I identified as ethical consistently appeared more extroverted than logical types.
    Nothing too surprising when people type as ESE/SEE (and to a lesser extent EIE and IEE).... but then I realized this also applied to introverted ethical types (moreso ESI and SEI than EII and IEI).

    Logical types, whether introverted or extroverted tend to demonstrate less extroversion: an LSE-3Te friend of mine was convinced she was introverted before taking the tests. I am even starting to think that my SLI father is actually an LSE because he demonstrates so much Te despite appearing very "introverted".

    This could explain why I don't identify many ExTx people without using tests.

    From your own experience:

    • Are logical extroverts less "extroverted" than ethical introverts? Especially ENTx types in comparison to ISFx types?
    • Any other logical extroverts who mistyped as introverts because of the image given to extroversion?
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