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Thread: Came to learn more of course

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    Long time forum lurker finally making an account here. Trying to figure out my enneagram core atm (going between 4 and 5). What is on my mind:Psychological and physical extremes are what I find really fascinating right now. One of the things I’m obsessed with currently is body suspension. (pic of it under the cut. Basically someone hangs themselves by hooks into a position)
    How active would you say this forum is? I don't know if I'll post much but hello anyway
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    hey! you've drawn me in with your talk of extremes. looking forward to your contributions

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    you may make a typing theme

    with a dual you may get all that "extremes" and not in a desctructive way. duals differ much, so stimulate impressions and an energy which your consciousness normally misses. they expand the mind, your personality. it's in case of love or close friendship relations with them
    Types examples: video bloggers, actors

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